Ultrasonography Test Price in Bangladesh [IBN Sina, Square Hospital]

Do you want an ultrasound because of any illness? Then you must know how much money is required to do an ultrasound. The price of ultrasonography test in hospital varies from one time to another.

Today we will discuss how much money is required to do an ultrasonogram through this post. I will discuss about that. Ultrasonography is needed to diagnose any type of disease inside the human body.

And the doctor arranges ultrasound scan technology or produces high frequency waves. With the help of this, the size of the person’s abdomen and the blood size of the unborn fetus can be measured beautifully.

Today in this post we will discuss how to do ultrasound test. I will discuss the details about that. Read the article first. Ultrasonogram is a type of medical procedure.

Through which the disease can be diagnosed by taking images inside the body. Ultrasonography equipment uses high sound energy waves reflected inside the body to diagnose disease.

The intensity of the wave is used to obtain the image on the computer monitor. In this way, all types of treatment can be done as per the doctor’s advice before the test.

Before the test, you may need to fast for eight to ten hours until the doctor advises. In particular, there is no examination of the abdomen. But this is because food can block the ultrasound waves.

May cause test interruption. Today through this post we will tell you how much money is required to do ultrasound at Ibn Sina Hospital. I will discuss about that.

Those of you who are searching to know about it. Our today’s article is for them. If you read carefully from the beginning to the end, you will know all the information.

The cost of an ultrasound examination may vary depending on the hospital or clinic. But generally the cost of black and white ultrasonography is 500-800 rupees

and for color ultrasonography it can be up to 1000-2500. Most of the people have this question that whether ultrasonography involves any kind of risk or is it safe.

Ultrasonography Test Price in Bangladesh

In this regard, experts say that compared to other tests, ultrasonograms carry very little risk. Doing this test during pregnancy will not cause any problems.

There are more or less misconceptions about ultrasonography. This misconception is on the one hand harmful to the patient and on the other hand it is a good way to cheat some fraudulent traders.

One of the most popular investigations nowadays is the ultrasonogram. And naturally, the more advanced the version of any technology, the more upgraded the investigation capacity. Ultrasound is no exception.

Generally, the price of this test at Ibn Sina Hospital is very low, you can do the test for 1500 Tk. However, the examination can be done at Ibn Sina Hospital at a discount of 25 percent for only 1200 tk.