Kolkata Hotel Address, List, Phone Number (kolkata new market hotel address)

Those of you who want to go abroad or travel to Kolkata. Know about the hotels in Kolkata. In front of you are the hotels in Kolkata which are very popular and have good facilities. I will introduce all those hotels.

Hotel rates here range from 300 to 5000 rupees per day. For those who come for treatment for a few months, the rent of 1 room can be 20-25 thousand rupees.

So one has to be very careful here. Kolkata is a big city, and hotel costs vary by area. So friends let’s know the detailed information about this. When he came to Kolkata, he found it difficult to find a hotel

or a guest house. Many people, especially those who come to Kolkata for the first time or for the festival, fall into the extreme category. This problem increases during festivals.

Because foreigners are not allowed to stay in all the hotels in Kolkata. People from different countries visit Kolkata during the festival season. As a result, hotels and guest houses in Newmarket,

Park Street, Marquis Street, Sadar Street, Rafi Ahmed Kidyai Road are not easily available. Even if you get a place, it costs a lot. So today through this post we will discuss about several

hotel launches and launcharious hotels in Kolkata. Which are available for cheap food. whose quality is good. You can stay there. When traveling to the busiest city of Kolkata,

you can choose Hotel Presidency Inn to stay overnight in the heart of Kolkata. Do you want to get the address phone number of Kolkata hotels? Come to our website.

Are you thinking of staying at a hotel in South Kolkata for the night? Then you can feel free to understand Bossera Guest House Hotel. This hotel also has all the modern facilities.

The food at this guest house’s restaurant is mouth-watering. The cost of an overnight stay in this hotel is around 1500 rupees. Busera Guest House address is 128 C, Meghnad Saha Sarani,

Kolkata Hotel Address

Near Goal Park, Kolkata 700029. Hope friends got to know Calcutta questions before Madhyamik this year. Those of you who want to know about Kolkata hotels around Newmarket.

For them we have The Elgin Fairlawn. This residential hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Kolkata. This traditional hotel was established around 1841. This hotel is located next to the Indian Museum

and approximately 200 meters from Nee Market. 7000 tk per night for 2 people. There are: 2 swimming pool facilities, free wifi, airport transfer, family room, breakfast facilities.

So why delay today, come with your loved ones to the residential hotels of Kolkata New Market area and enjoy a happy time. You can stay in the markets here for free.