Mirpur Post Code (Shewrapara, Rupnagar, Kazipara)

Those of you who are residents of Mirpur. Many times people come to the internet and express their interest to know about different post codes of Mirpur. Today, through this post, I am presenting to you

the post codes of different districts and Mirpur post codes and areas in Mirpur area. I will discuss about that. There are several wards within the police station of Mirpur within Dhaka.

Now there are separate post codes for these wards. District Dhaka Thana Thana Mirpur Ekak TS and Post Code is 1216. Hope friends have understood today’s article.

You must know what the post code is. Post code is the postal code of an area i.e. an identification number issued by the postal department there. Each district upazila and thana level has different post codes.

Of course you need to know about the post code. Zip code or postal code is the number of post offices in a country. A known number of them. It is usually 4 to 5 digits long.

In many institutions, you will see that Dhaka 1207 is written in the address. Here 1207 is the code, this code carries the identity of a post office in Dhaka. Each post office has a specific code.

This code is required to send letters or other documents through the post office. Besides, application form has to be checked while applying in various institutions. But many people can’t fill the subject

because they don’t know about the zip code. So those of you who are staying in Mirpur of Dhaka. You must be aware of Mirpur in Dhaka. I inform you that the post code of Mirpur in Dhaka is 1216.

You want to know about the post code located in Sheorapara. Today we will discuss in front of you through this post. If you select your division, district, police station, you will get

Mirpur Post Code

the postal code of all the post offices of that police station. For your convenience, the video is about how to find the postal code of any post office in Bangladesh.

That’s why you need to read and check the article carefully from the beginning to the end. What are these post codes? Mirpur post code of Dhaka is 1216. Are you searching the internet to know about

West Rampura cloth post code in Dhaka? Then come to our website Mirpur Kafrul post code is 1206. Do you know what post code is? Certain areas have post offices under the postal department.

The post office is identified with an identification number. So today, through this post, I am presenting to you the post codes of different districts and different areas. I will try to give an idea about it.

Today I discussed through this post. What is Mirpur Kafrul Post Code of Dhaka? Not today. See you again in the next post. Be good about something else until the end.