Kalima Shahadat Download [Bangla, English, Arabic] with Meaning & Transliteration

Those of you who are Muslims come to the internet and want to know about Kalima Shahadat. There are many who do not know Kalima Shahadat and want to learn.

This is our post for them. Through this I will show you how to recite your Kalima Shahadat, the rules and virtues of reciting it. Kalima Shahadat means signature, words, Kalima Shahadat, Kalima Shahadat in Persian is written Kalima Shahadat in original Arabic.

So today we will discuss detailed information about Kalima Shahadat testimony and its virtues in front of you through this post. Read carefully from the beginning to the end, then friends let’s start the main discussion.

Kalima Shahadat bangla, english, arabic

Islam is the acceptance of truth and the avoidance and rejection of falsehood. The main word of faith or belief is Kalima Kalima Shahadat is one of the five foundations of faith and Islam.

Kalema means word means to bear witness. Kalima Shahadat Meaning Signature Words Kalima Shahadat is written in Persian as Kalima Shahadat. I bear witness that there is no god but One Allah, He is One and Only, He has no partner or partner; I am testifying more surely, Hazrat

Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, is the most beloved servant of Allah and His Messenger. This is the meaning of Kalima Shahadat.

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Almighty Allah is the Absolute Truth or the Ever-Truth. The testimony of this truth is faith or the claim of faith. The greatest human being of all time, the beloved prophet, the last prophet, Hazrat Muhammad,

may God bless him and grant him peace, is the most truthful and the most faithful person. Support and selfless witness to this true prophethood and message is the main part of faith.

Kalima Shahadat Download

Trust and belief and love in him is Imaan, obedience to him and following is the prerequisite of Islam witness is witnessing or observing with one’s own eyes. Such a suggestion of Allah the Most High is as clear as the light of day to make passengers equal.

Kalima shahadat Transliteration

So it does not keep the audience waiting. So you can come to our website and see Kalima Shahadat Bengali movie city. Hope you like it very much. Today through this post we will discuss in detail the meaning and virtues of the rules of reciting Kalima Shahadat.

You must read the article carefully from the beginning. Then you can know the detailed idea about Kalima Shahadat Bengali meaning. The word Tawheed means monotheism. That is, Allah Ta’ala is one. He has no partners. He is self-sufficient.

He is our Protector, Creator, Sustainer and Sustainer. He is Eternal and Eternal. There is nothing equal to Him. He is the only Lord. All praise and worship is due to Him alone. Such belief is called Tawheed. How big is this world. Our world is only a small part of it.