Jonmo Nibondhon Online Apply (ক্লিক করে) এখনই আবেদন করুন

Don’t have your Jonmo Nibondhon online? Then find out by reading today’s article. How to make your one Jonmo Nibondhon online. Naturally, there are many people whose Jonmo Nibondhon

is only handwritten or printed. But at present, you must make Jonmo Nibondhon online. We all know that if a Jonmo Nibondhon is to be usable. Of course, it has to be online or digital.

So at this moment any kind of handwritten or printed Jonmo Nibondhon will be of no use. If it is not done online. So you should register your birth certificate as soon as possible.

Usually, in the past, our Jonmo Nibondhon was written only by hand in the register book of Union Parishad or Municipality. The Bangladesh government has not decided to make it digital or online later.

Today we will tell you through this post how you can create your birth certificate by visiting the official website. If you want to access the website, you have to click on the link

You will see a large page by clicking on the link above. Which will basically have three words written on it. Place of birth, permanent address, current address.

You have to select one of these three places. That means you will collect the registration form from that place. You have to select it. Next, you need to click on the Next button.

Then enter the required information in English and Bengali and click on the submit button and your Jonmo Nibondhon certificate will be applied.

I am going to start today’s article by welcoming everyone. How are you friends Today we will let you know through this post? How to apply for a birth certificate online. If you read from the end of the article,

you will understand how to complete this task. Here you must try to give your name, date of birth, address etc.

correctly. Because if you use or give something wrong, there will be no chance to change it. So if any kind of mistake your Jonmo Nibondhon

will be considered canceled. Hope you understand. Today we will let you know through this post how you can create birth certificate online. That could sit in the room.

Birth Certificate You can get a birth certificate from the Union Parishad and Municipality office of Bangladesh or from the office of the City Corporation completely free of cost.

In this case, you can apply for a birth certificate sitting at home. After that, you will get the birth certificate signed by the chairman from your nearest Union Parishad.

So friends, through this post I have given you all the information. Hope you understand. If you want to get any more information, visit the website and find out.