Teletalk MB Transfer Code 2023 & System

You must know that Teletalk is the only state owned mobile operator in Bangladesh. It’s not just about talking and running the internet. Different types of school-college university admission test fees, job test fees have to be paid through Teletalk.

So Teletalk is widely used. Today we will let you know through registration. How to transfer Teletalk megabytes. Read the article from beginning to end.

Then you can know all your information by dialing USSD code. You can transfer balances and transfer megabytes, so let us know more about this.

teletalk mb transfer system 2023

Today we will let you know through registration, how to transfer megabytes of Teletalk. You can transfer balance by dialing My Teletalk app and USSD code. In this case, you will need a PIN number.

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You will get a default PIN after you register. You can transfer your balance using that PIN. Customers can avail the balance transfer service using the shortcode * 124 * PIN * Amount * Recipient’s mobile number #.

Details of the balance transfer service are given below. All prepaid customers are eligible to enjoy this service. The USSD for balance transfer service is * 124 * PIN * Amount * MSISDN #. The default PIN is 1234 or 12345678.

How to transfer MB from Teletalk to GP

Many of you want to know. How to transfer Grameenphone balance from Teletalk. I will give that information in front of you. You read the article from beginning to end. Then you will have no more problems. There was a request to read the registration carefully.

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We are trying to present this information to you in the form of screenshots. If you want to transfer megabytes to the people of your choice. Then follow the procedure below. The USSD for balance transfer service is * 124 * PIN * Amount * MSISDN # The default PIN is 1234 and cannot be changed.

The balance transfer service is only allowed for Teletalk prepaid to prepaid numbers. Then friends, I gave you all the information through registration. Hopefully, you don’t know any more information. If you want to know any more information, please let us know the format of our website.

Teletalk to Teletalk MB transfer Code 2023

Those of you who want to transfer from Teletalk to Teletalk Internet. This article is for them. You can get the best out of this registration.

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Teletalk MB Transfer Code 2023

You can transfer megabytes and balances to people of your choice if you want. In this case, you can transfer from a minimum of Tk 10 to a maximum of Tk 50 of the transaction.

You will be able to transfer your balance up to Tk 500 per day. Able to transfer a maximum balance of Tk 1,000 per month. For USSD balance transfer service dial * 124 * PIN (default PIN is 1234 or 12345678) amount * receiver mobile number #

teletalk balance transfer pin code

I will present to you the information of transferring balance through Teletalk. You can find out from our website in a very short time. You can only take advantage of this from Teletalk to Teletalk.

You cannot transfer MB from Teletalk to any other network if you want. Only Teletalk gives you this benefit. It can also be said that you can give MB package as a gift to your loved one.

Now that your MB is over, you don’t have to go to any customer care. So friends, we have given you all the information through this registration.

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