Birth Certificate Online BD Download & Apply (এখুনি ক্লিক করুন)

In today’s world everything is done online. Everything from voter ID cards to birth registration is available online. Birth certificates have been issued digitally since 2010.

Today we will present to you through this post. How to create a birth certificate and how to get a birth certificate online. Read the article and learn more about it.

Birth registration is a certificate of birth information under the Birth and Death Registration Act. Determining the name of the person, gender, date and place of birth, name of parents,

their nationality and permanent address. It is a man’s first state recognition. Today I will discuss in detail in front of you through this post. Hope you like it.

Birth registration is mandatory within 45 days of the baby’s birth. Failure to register a child within two years of birth may result in a fine from the parents.

The opportunity to register without any fee was given by December 2018. This time was extended till June 2010. At this time most of the children in the country have come under birth registration.

Today we will let you know through post how to apply for your birth certificate. Union Parishad Office, You can apply for your birth certificate from the municipality, city corporation office

and the ward commissioner’s office under the city corporation. Today I will inform you through post all the information if your child has been born in any hospital or clinic.

However, there is a need for certificate clearance, photocopy of SSC examination certificate, passport size photocopy, photocopy of ID card and public representative of the area,

such as a copy of citizenship certificate issued by the Ward Commissioner Union Parishad Chairman. (

This registration process is completed in several steps. First of all, the registrar has to go through the steps like birth place or permanent address, division, district, etc. and select the ward.

Many of you are asking how to create a birth certificate online. Today I will discuss in detail about the rules of easy birth certificate download registration in front of you through this post.

If you want, you can take the birth certificate of your child at home. Later it will be done only after getting the certificate from the local chairman.

Read and take a look at the article. How to create a birth certificate. Hopefully, it will be very useful for you. link.

When you enter this link or address, a new page will appear in front of you and you will see that there is an application for new birth registration.

After reading all the mentioned rules, you will click on the next option and go to the next page. There you will need to provide personal information to create your birth registration certificate.