Banglabandha Express Train Schedule, Ticket Booking, Tracking, Code, Ticket Price

People of our country travel to different places by different vehicles. For example, many people travel by bus, many people travel by boat and many people travel by train.

But many people prefer to travel by train. Because train is a safer vehicle than other vehicles. The chances of accidents are very low. Also, traveling by train offers many beautiful views of the outdoors.

A train journey is a very comfortable journey. And for all these reasons many people choose trains over other means of transport. And now there are almost many trains in our country.

banglabandha express train schedule

Such as Kurigram Express Kishoreganj Express Chattala Express Titus Panchagarh Express Subarna etc. These trains carry passengers from different stations of our country to their destination.

Banglabandha Express is one of the passenger trains in our country. And today we will discuss in this post about Banglabandha Express train schedule time.

Those of you who are interested in this matter should read this post of ours with full attention. Banglabandha Express train leaves Rajshahi for BMSI at 21:15 and reaches BMSI at 5:10.

banglabandha express ticket booking, price

Again the passenger departs from BMSI for Rajshahi at 8:30 and reaches Rajshahi station at 17:30. The train carries passengers from different stations while coming and going from Rajshahi to BMSI

and from BMSI to Rajshahi. We have published several other posts on our website about the stations from which they carry passengers and their schedule. You can read all the other posts on our website if you want.

Currently in our country no train can be traveled without Tickpot. Now, to board any train, he has to buy a ticket for that train first. Different types of tickets are sold for every train in our country.

banglabandha express off day

But many people do not know the ticket price of any train. So today in this post we will discuss about Banglabandha Express train ticket price.

Those of you who are interested to know about this, stay with this post. Banglabandha Express train has 6 types of tickets. For example, Suvan ticket price is 104 taka and sumon

chair ticket is 335 taka, first chair seat ticket is 445 taka and first berth ticket is 665 taka, Snigdha ticket is 555 taka and AC seat ticket is 665 taka.

banglabandha express train tracking

Every train has some off days. Similarly Banglabandha Express train also has off days. Those of you who don’t know Banglabandha Express train off day can read our post.

Banglabandha Express train’s off days are Friday and Saturday. The Banglabandha Express train is closed for these two days. Apart from Banglabandha Express train,

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