Suborno Express Train Schedule, Online Ticket, Off Day, Route, Seat Plan

The train we will discuss today is the Suborno Express. If you have searched online to know about this train then you have come to the right place. In this post we will discuss about

Suborno Express train time ticket price seat plan etc. Suborno Express is a non-stop intercity train in Bangladesh operated by Bangladesh Railways. It runs from Chittagong Railway

Station in Chittagong to Kamalapur Railway Station in Dhaka. Suborno Express was the first non-stop inter-city train in Bangladesh and was inaugurated on 14 April 1998. Suborno Express is a very luxurious

suborno express train schedule chittagong to dhaka

and beautiful train service of Bangladesh Railway. Suborno Express train code is 701 when it starts from Chittagong. The Suborno Express train departs from Chittagong Railway Station at 7:00 AM

and reaches Dhaka Station at 12:20 PM. Suborno Express train code 7021 on return from Dhaka departs from Kamalapur railway station at 4:30 pm and reaches Chittagong at 10 pm.

It is a Chittagong based train night locomotive and coach located at Chittagong railway station. Operating six days a week, Suborno Express is a direct intercity train service on the Chittagong to Dhaka route.

suborno express online ticket, ticket price

The Suborno Express train is a non-stop train but its price is very low compared to the list and other days. So you can travel by this train at a very low cost. Suborno Express train fares are very low

so all classes of people can travel at low cost. The Suborno Express train can travel in two classes, one is Shovan, Chair and the other is Snigdha. Suborno Express train will cost

you 355 taka to travel Shobon chair and travel to Snigdha will cost you only 673 taka. Suborno Express has eight air-conditioned coaches and seven non-air-conditioned coaches.

suborno express train off day

There are two dining and one power car involved in breaking the guard. Sometimes the train has 22 coaches depending on the demand of the passengers. A special prayer room with food facilities,

modern toilets, first aid facilities, strong security etc. is provided. One of the important things about train travel is this holiday, many people don’t know when the trains have weekend holidays.

Almost all trains have this weekend if you don’t know about this holiday you can get confused. So everyone should know about the train weekly closing days before traveling.

suborno express train route, seat plan

Suborno Express Suborno Express, a non-stop inter-city train of Bangladesh operated by Bangladesh Railway, is closed on Mondays. One of the most annoying thing to travel on Bangladesh Railway is that the trains

take a break at every station on the way, to get rid of that annoying situation Bangladesh Railway has connected some trains that run non-stop. As Suborno Express train is non-stop,

it stops at only one place on the route only when leaving Dhaka for Chittagong. Break at Dhaka airport station at 4:57 pm, on the other hand from Chittagong and again at airport break at 11:45 am.