E Porcha Download, Application [Online Porcha Check BD]

Do you know that any work related to your land can now be done online. Earlier, one had to go to land office and union land information service center and stand in long queues to do all kinds of work.

But at present you have the paper and khatian number, daag number etc. Through this post I will discuss the detailed information about this in front of you.

Also I will tell you how to apply online for E Porcha. E Porcha is the Porcha available online. that You can check it on our website. How to get AE Porcha

Do you want to know the information about Ministry of Lands People’s Republic of Bangladesh government papers, khatian number, dag number etc. But don’t know how to download E Porcha.

Today we will show you through this post. How you can apply for AE Porcha by visiting the official website of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Government of Land Ministry.

Earlier E Porcha was formulated from Ministry of Lands. But nowadays you can get E Porcha online. So friends, let’s know more details about this.

Besides, you often need to know how to get Khatian number. Internet is available to know about it. But you don’t know how to download khatian number.

I will try to tell you that information through this post. Read the article carefully from beginning to end. Besides, how can you check the paper online? He wants to know the information.

You will get all the directions related to land through our website. Those of you who want to know the answers to various questions related to land.

They are shared with you by coordinating all the information through posts on our website. If you want to download and check E Porcha online.

A visit to our website is required. Go to any browser on your phone. Go there and write in your English or copy this link. If you want to write then see that rsk.land.gov.bd.

Online Porcha Check BD

You can check E Porcha online among very few by visiting this website. I hope I have given you some idea. Do you want to download E Porcha Online?

But don’t know how to download E Porcha online. Come to our website.I will give you a little website link. By clicking on that link you can download

E Porcha with citizen’s login mobile number and password. https://eporcha.gov.bd/citizen/login I have given you a link. Click on this link to download E Porcha in no time.