Teletalk 17 TK 2GB Code 2024 [15 Days & 30 Days]

Teletalk is the only state-owned mobile operator in Bangladesh. Now Teletalk cares about their customers and provides cheap internet with Teletalk Aparajita and Centennial SIM offers.

You will get 2 GB of internet, you will get only 17 taka. Teletalk’s two GB internet percentage is only 17 taka. It is called Centenary Offer Teletalk launched the offer in Bangladesh

on the occasion of Mujib Centenary. But currently it cannot be done by dialing the USSD code. You only need to activate this package by recharging Tk 17.

Which will be valid for 15 days. So if you want to enjoy hundred years SIM offer and if you have Alphabet SIM. Then you can enjoy 2GB internet pack by recharging your Sadar Tk.

Today through this post we will show you how to get your 17 taka 2 GB internet firstly let you know about the biggest change in the offer. Earlier you can get 17 taka 2GB internet by dialing a specific code number.

But now due to the new arrangement of the offer, you can’t get this internet pack by dialing any code like before. That is, you cannot get 17 taka 2 GB by dialing *111*17# code as before.

If you have 17 taka 2GB internet you have two options. If you recharge 17 Tk on your Teletalk prepaid mobile. Then you will get 2 GB internet directly and 17 Tk will be deducted from your account.

Besides, you can buy 17 taka 15 GB internet for 15 days in a very short period of time by using Teletalk app. You cannot buy 17 taka 2 GB internet during the validity period.

Teletalk 17 TK 2GB Code

After the expiry of 15 days you can take this offer again the next day or one month offer can be taken twice maximum. You have a lot of time on the internet and want to know

how to buy 17 taka 2 GB internet and how to buy by dialing this SSC code. Want to know about it. Through this post, I am showing you. Currently cannot be purchased by dialing the code *111*17#.

Earlier activation could be done by dialing the code. But currently, if you want to do this offer active. Then you need to recharge Tk 17. Offer cannot be withdrawn within 15 days of receipt.

It can be taken again after 15 days and if you don’t have a Teletalk SIM, you can also take this offer directly from the nearest shop or customer service center.

Hope friends, through this post I have given detailed information to you. If you want to know more information. You can inform by visiting our website.