Simanta Express Train Time Table, Ticket Price, Off Day, Tracking, Number, Route

We will discuss Simanta Express train schedule, ticket price and off days in this post today. If you are interested to know the schedule of Simanta Express train, the ticket price of this train

and on which days this train is closed, then read our post from the beginning to the end with full attention. If you read this post of ours with full attention, you will know the details

about all these issues. Currently, there are various vehicles in our country. Trains are one of those vehicles. Traveling by train saves time. Also traveling by train is very comfortable.

simanto express time table

The risk of accidents in trains is less. By traveling by train one can go from one place to another in a very short time. And for all these reasons, many people like to travel by train.

Most of the districts in our country now have rail connectivity. Due to this now one can easily travel safely from one end of the country to the other by train. Now in our country,

there is a lot of demand for trains and many railways are built so many trains are plying. Simanta Express Train is one of the passenger trains currently running in our country. This train journey is very comfortable and safe.

simanta express train ticket price

Many people want to know the schedule of this train to travel in this train. And so they visit various websites to know about this and know about the schedule of this train.

If you want to know Simanta Express train schedule then read our post carefully. The Simanta Express train carries passengers from Khulna to Chilahati and Chilahati to Khulna.

This train departs from Khulna at 21:15 and reaches Chilahati at 6:20 with passengers bound for Chilahati. Again departs from Chilahati for Khulna at 18:45 minutes and reaches Khulna at 4:10 minutes.

simanto express train off day

While going to Khulna and Chilahati, the train takes station breaks at several other stations. These stations are Daulatpur, Nowapara, Jessore, Darshana, Chuadanga, Paradha, Bheramara, Ishwardi, Natore,

Santahar, Akkelpur, Jaipurhat, Birampur, Phulbari, Parvatipur, Nilphamari, Domar etc. Simanta Express train is a very good train. Traveling in this train is very comfortable.

Tickets are required to travel in this train. There are several types of Simanta Express train tickets. Such as – Sobhan chair, Snigdha, AC seat, AC berth. Each ticket has to be paid separately.

simanto express tracking, number, route

For example, Suman chair ticket price is 170 taka, Snigdha ticket price is 966 taka, AC seat price is 564 taka, AC berth ticket price is 830 taka taka.

Simanta Express train has holidays. This train has one break in a week. The holiday of this train is Monday. This train does not carry any passengers on this day.

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