Tangail Post Code & Post Office List

Want to know about post codes of different areas? Then today’s article is going to be very important for you. You know that we discuss post workers of different areas through our website.

In continuation of this, today we will discuss the post codes of different upazilas of Tangail district in front of you through this post. Now you must know. What is such a post code?

Upazilas under each district have one post office each. There is an identification number to identify those post offices. It is called Post Code or Zip Code. If you read the article carefully from the beginning to the end,

you will know the detailed information. So guys let’s start the discussion. Today through the article I am discussing before you about the post codes of Tangail district.

Along with Tangail District Post Code, Tangail District Area Code is also important. Because many office work requires area code. At upazila level you can use area code of Tangail district.

Important functions are performed by post office post code or postal code. For this, it is necessary to know the area code. Below is the area code of Tangail district. Tangail District Area Court 1995.

Post code of Tangail Upazila is 1900. If you are a resident of Bhuyapur in Tangail. Then Bhuapur post code will be required to open bank account. Besides, this post code is required for exchanging letters.

The postal code of Bhuyapur upazila of Tangail district is 1960. Are you interested to know the post code of Tangail district? Then today’s article is very important for you.

There are total 9 post codes in Kalihati Upazila. Check Kalihati post code or postal codes. Kalihati Ballabazar 1973, Kalihati Ilinga 1974, Kalihati Kalihati 1970, Kalihati Nagarbari 1977,

Tangail Post Code

Kalihati Nagarbari 1976, Kalihati Nagbari 1972, Kalihati Palisha 1975, Kalihati Razafire 1971, Kalihati Kashkaolia 1930. Hope friends, through this post, I have been able to provide

detailed information about the post codes of all the upazilas of Tangail district. There is only one sub office in Basail upazila. Check the post code or postal code of Basail Upazila of Tangail District.

Postal code of Basail Upazila of Tangail District. 1920 In today’s post we have discussed the Tangail District Post Code and Area Code.

Along with that, I have presented the postal signals of all upazilas or police stations of Tangail district in the form of a list. Discussed what is post code

and how to find post code. The post code of Sakhipur upazila in Tangail is 1951 and the post code of Kachuar in Tangail is 1950.