Online Birth Certificate Registration Bangladesh(এখানে রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন)

You can apply for a birth certificate online. That’s why you don’t have to go to the nearest computer store at any time. If you have an Android device or computer with internet in your hand.

Then you can apply for birth registration online for your child sitting at home. Also, today in this post I will tell you how to apply for death registration. So friends, let’s find out more about this.

There are very few people in the world who do not know about birth registration or Birth Certificate. Every person is given this birth certificate or birth registration after birth.

This birth registration tie serves as an alternative to his national identity card until a person receives a voter ID card or national identity card.

Friends, today through this post we will tell you how to apply for a birth certificate online. Let’s find out more about this. We will let you know all the information through screenshots.

First, you need to visit this website https://bdris.gov.bd/br/application. After that, you will select where you want to get the birth certificate from.

If you want to do so from your current place of birth or permanent address. Select it. You have to type your name in Bengali and English by clicking on the next option.

Date of birth, parent’s name should be written in Bengali and English. You have to click on the next option with all the information about the place of birth correctly.

Once all the following information is submitted, you can submit it online. If you want to download the birth registration form online. Then you have to adopt some method.

Today we will inform you all the information through this post. If you want to download the birth registration form online. Then you need to visit the website https://bdris.gov.bd/application/print.

Then the online copy will be displayed in front of you if the application ID, date of birth is given correctly. You can print from there.

Today I will let you know through my question how you can apply for birth certificate online. Read the article and find out more about it. Your child’s age ranges from 0 to 45 days.

Then you can apply for a birth certificate online for free or from the nearest Union Parishad office. If you want to know the details, visit your website https://bdris.gov.bd/br/application.

However, the government of Bangladesh has set a price for you in the case of birth certificate. In this case no government fee of 45 days will be applicable for children.

However, for children from 45 days to 10 years, you have to pay a registration fee of 50 taka. In addition, to register the birth of a person of any age after 10 years, a fee of 100 taka has to be paid.

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