Shonar Bangla Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Online Ticket

There are many vehicles in our country now. For example – bus, truck, launch, boat, train, aircraft etc. Everyone travels to their destination by these vehicles.

Among all these vehicles, train is a very safe vehicle. Train travel is very comfortable and many people prefer to travel by train as it is less risky and less time consuming.

As the demand for trains is high in our country, many railways have been constructed. Through which one can travel by train from one end of the country to the other end.

sonar bangla express train schedule dhaka to chittagong

The passenger trains that are currently available in our country are Jamalpur Express, Kurigram Express, Banlata Express, Tungipara Express, Benapole Express, Kishoreganj Express,

Chattla Express, Panchagarh Express, Banglabandha Express, Subarna etc. Shonar Bangla Express is one of these passenger trains. Today in our post we will discuss Shonar Bangla Express Train.

Many people are interested to know the schedule of this train to travel by Shonar Bangla Express train. And so for those who don’t know the schedule of this train, we have discussed

sonar bangla express ticket price

the schedule of Shonar Bangla Express train nicely in this post. The Shonar Bangla Express train carries passengers from various stations. This train runs from Dhaka to Chittagong

and from Chittagong to Dhaka. This train departs from Dhaka for Chittagong at 7 AM and reaches Chittagong at 12:15 PM. Again departs from Chittagong for Dhaka at 17:00 hrs and reaches Dhaka at 22:10 hrs.

Shonar Bangla Express train has station breaks at various stations. The station at which this train takes a break is Airport Railway Station. There are several types of tickets

shonar bangla express off day

for traveling on the Shonar Bangla Express train. The price of each ticket differs according to the type of ticket. Everyone can purchase tickets as per their choice.

The price of Shobhan chair ticket of this train is 600 taka, Snigdha ticket price is 1000 taka and AC seat price is 1100 taka. Many of the trains that

we have in our country have some off days. On this off day, those trains are closed. Similarly, Shonar Bangla Express trains also have off days.

sonar bangla express online ticket

Off days of this train are Tuesday and Wednesday. These trains are closed on these two days. Apart from Shonar Bangla Express train,

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