Madhumati Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Ticket Booking, Location

Today in our post we will discuss Madhumati Express Train. Those of you who are interested to know Madhumati Express train schedule or time list, how much is the ticket price of this train

and when is this train a holiday then read our post from the beginning to the end with full attention. If you read our post with full attention then you will know various information about Madhumati Express Train.

The current trains in our country are – Vijay Express Train, Howrah Express Train, Sonar Bangla Express, Panchagarh Express, Jamalpur Express, Banglabandha Express etc.

madhumati express train schedule

These trains include the Madhumati Express train. Many people like to travel in this train because the travel in this train is very comfortable. Read the full post to know more about this train.

In our country now almost most of the districts are connected by rail, everyone wants to travel from one place to another by train. Because traveling by train costs less and wastes less time.

And so many people want to know the time list or schedule of this train to travel by Madhumati Express train. And to know all these things, they go online to various websites

madhumati express ticket price

and search for the schedule of this train. And that’s why we have discussed Madhumati Express Train Schedule in our post today.

Madhumati Express train is a passenger train. This train carries passengers from certain number of stations. This train travels from Rajshahi to Gwalandghat and from Gwalandghat to Rajshahi.

This train departs from Rajshahi to Gwalandghat at 8 AM and reaches Gwalandghat at 13:15. Again from Gowaland Ghat at 15:30 and reach Rajshahi at 20:20.

madhumati express train off day

How many tickets are there in Madhumati Express train? Each type of ticket has to be paid separately for each type of ticket. For example, the price of Shovan Chair ticket of this

train is 505 taka, Snigdha ticket price is 966 taka, AC seat price is 1156 taka and AC berth ticket price is 1781 taka. This train takes a break at several other stations while coming to

and from Rajshahi and Gowalandghat. The stations are – Rajbari, Kalukhali, Pangsha, Khoksa, Kumarkhali, Kushtia, Parada, Mirpur, Bheramara, Pakshi, Ishwardi.

Madhumati Express Ticket Booking, location

Madhumati Express train has one day off in a week. The train stops running on this holiday. The train does not carry any passengers on this day. Madhumati Express train

holiday is Tuesday. Apart from Madhumati Express train, we have discussed some other train schedule, ticket price and off days on our website.

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