LG AC Price in Bangladesh 2024 [LG 1, 1.5, 2 Ton AC Price]

The most widely used brand name of AC nowadays is lg. Because lg is the first to manufacture inverter technology ac. So you often want to know about the price of LG brand AC in different sizes and tones.

We are trying to come up with new model prices. As the market is constantly doing. So it is most beneficial if you know the latest price. So those of you who are thinking of buying an AC.

You can get detailed information about LG AC price by visiting our website. Hope you like it very much. Inverter technology saves electricity as well. His electricity bill comes less.

So today’s article is going to be important for you. LG company as a Bangladeshi company, they are conducting business activities with the most models of AC.

They are constantly adding different models to their ACs and adding new features. If you want to collect these features. Then you must go for LG AC. You can buy LG AC with full money or some information.

If you want to buy LG One Ton Non Inverter Technology AC. Then you have to spend like 55570 thousand rupees. Besides, this one ton can cover 1000 square feet of space.

What is the price of a ton of LG AC? Is that what you want to know? Today we through this post how much LG One Ton Inverter AC Price. I will discuss the details about that.

Those who want to buy inverter AC to save electricity. They can see LG Inverter ACs. ACs can save up to 60% electricity and the compressors of these ACs are of very good quality and provide good service.

LG AC Price in Bangladesh

LG has set the market price of one ton inverter AC at 64 thousand 900 taka. As of now you can buy this AC with the highest discount at just Rs 54500. One year warranty on the compressor

and 5 years warranty. You can come here and buy in installments if you want. I will tell you the price of lg 1.5 ton inverter and non inverter ac through this post. lg 1.5 ton inverter ac will cost 75 thousand taka.

AC 1.5 ton will get competition guarantee. If you buy your AC compressor for five years if it breaks within five years. Then you will get a new compressor.

Making such good quality products l. The price of Inverter Technology AC will be Tk 75900. But you can also purchase this AC in installments if you want.

But if you want you can buy this AC with various discounts for only 85 thousand rupees. HSC will give you coverage from 190 square feet to 230 square feet.