Airtel New SIM Offer 2024 | Internet, Minute, Call Rate

For those customers who are thinking of buying a new Airtel SIM, we have made this post today. We have discussed about new SIM here. So you can know all the information about Airtel new SIM from here.

Airtel offers great offers to new customers. So if you have bought a new SIM Airtel you can buy call rates and internet packages at affordable prices. Which is a great opportunity for you.

Customers are getting special call rates and different types of social packs at affordable prices. So for your convenience, we will now discuss Airtel SIM’s internet offer minute offer and call rate offer with examples.

Airtel New SIM Offer 2024

Airtel is looking for a new SIM offer, but I would say you are in the right place. From here you can know all kinds of offers. Customers can buy new Airtel SIMs if they want.

Also you know very well that now Airtel has provided great internet offer with new connection. Since many of us use Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger. So this SIM will give you a great offer.

So your Airtel new connection is offering special call rates and affordable talking. So if you want you can buy new Airtel SIM from any customer care right now.

Airtel New SIM Internet Offer

We will now discuss Airtel’s new SIM Internet offer. So what if you want to know about Airtel SIM’s internet offer? But you can find out from us here. Airtel SIM’s internet offer includes WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger.

There are currently no subscribers who do not use Facebook. In addition to Facebook, we also use WhatsApp and Instagram. So to be active in this type of social media you definitely need internet.

Airtel is offering 1GB and 2GB internet in the new SIM. Most customers use the 1 GB internet offer package. You can also take this package if you want, here is the activation code for each package purchase.

1 GB Internet Offer

We will now discuss the 1GB internet offer on Airtel’s new SIM. So hopefully you are eagerly waiting to receive this offer. So follow the instructions below to purchase this package.

Airtel will automatically get 1 GB internet if you recharge 9 Tk of mobile immediately after making new connection. This is a great offer for you. So if you want you can now enjoy 1 GB internet by recharging 9 Tk per day for a new connection.

Customers will have 15 days to use 1GB internet. So once you get GB internet you can use this internet for any social media and internet browsing. So buy a new Airtel connection now.

2 GB pack code

You can enjoy 2 GB internet by recharging 19 Tk with new Airtel SIM. You can also dial * 121 * 887 # activation code to enjoy this offer. As soon as you dial this activation code, your mobile will get 2gb internet.

So to buy this package you must have more than 19 taka on your mobile. So enjoy the offer now without delay. After activating this offer, dial * 778 * 80 # to know your internet balance.

Airtel is offering only 19 taka 2 GB internet. Which you will not find in any other mobile operator. So you should buy new airtel connection from us. Then you can enjoy this offer.

Airtel New Sim Recharge Offer 2024

Airtel can use new SIMs if they want to talk which is usually affordable. If you have bought a new SIM, you can talk to your loved ones at an affordable price.

From here you can easily find out how you can buy a new Airtel SIM and talk at affordable prices. In addition, we have published the activation code for each package purchase and its expiration date.

So I can say that this post is important for you. Because here we have discussed all the details about how to enjoy each package and that package.

41 TK Recharge Offer

We are going to discuss the 41 Tk recharge offer. If you buy a new Airtel SIM and recharge 41 Tk to that number, you can enjoy a great offer. Talk at call rate of 48 paisa by recharging 41 Tk.

If you are using this offer then dial * 778 * 80 # code to know the balance of this offer. Then you will know how long this package will last. So you should recharge 41 Tk on new Airtel SIM now without delay.

Customers need to talk to their loved ones for a long time. So he uses different SIMs. So you can use Airtel SIM because Airtel SIM is giving you the opportunity to talk for 48 paisa per minute.

3 GB by 64 Tk Recharge

Those who usually need internet can recharge 64 Tk if they want. Because you can buy 3gb internet package by recharging 64 Tk in new Airtel SIM. This allows you to browse as you wish with Internet Balance.

You can also enjoy this offer by dialing a specific activation code. If you want to take this package, you need to have more than 64 taka on your mobile. Because as soon as you activate this package, 64 Tk will be deducted from your phone.

To avail this package dial * 121 * 58 # activation code from your mobile phone. As soon as you dial this code, you will get 3GB internet via SMS on your mobile. With which you can use Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Airtel New Sim Offer Code 2024

Many people are looking for the offer code of the new Airtel SIM. But I will say that you are in the right place. Because here we have provided the offer code to use your new SIM.

Many customers do not know how to view the hotel’s new SIM offer. So you know your offer by dialing * 121 #. As soon as you dial this code, you will be informed via SMS on your mobile which offer you are eligible for.

Hopefully, from here you have found the code to check Airtel new SIM offer. So buy a new Airtel SIM from any customer care now.

Airtel New SIM Offer Prepaid

We will now discuss Airtel’s new prepaid SIM offer. If you want, you can easily find out about our prepaid SIM offer from here.

By dialing * 8 # or * 1 # code in the new prepaid SIM, you will get 50 MB for free. So if you are using a new prepaid SIM, dial this activation code now.

As we have discussed in this post about Airtel’s new SIM offer. So hopefully from here you can find out about Airtel SIM internet, minute and call rate offers.

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