Robi Recharge Offer 2024

Would you like to know about Robi’s latest various recharge offers? Then I will say that you are in the right place. Today we will give you the information about Robi recharge offers through this article. Read the article carefully from beginning to end.

If you recharge something specific to your own. You can get different types of offers. The 29 taka recharge offer is very popular for you. If you recharge 29 taka, you can talk to any number for a period of 3 days

You can say 60 paisa per minute call rate. If you recharge 39 taka, you will get 1 GB internet. Which will be valid for 7 days. These are very tempting for you.

Robi Recharge Offer 2024 MB

Robi is a popular telecommunication operator in Bangladesh. Today we will share that information with you through registration. If you recharge 57 taka you will get 2.5 GB internet. Which is valid for 15 days. If you recharge 149 taka, you will get 1 GB internet for 75 minutes and 3 free SMS.

The package will be valid for only 15 days. You will get 5.2 GB internet offer at 95 taka recharge. Which will be valid for 7 days. You also get a package of 10gb internet for 501 taka recharge. You will also get a bundle offer of 23 minutes at 14 taka in the mini bundle.

That is very popular. So friends, we welcome you through this article. I hope you know all the information. If you want to know any more information, please let us know on our website.

robi recharge offer minute

You can get information about different types of Robi recharge offers from us here. Today we will inform you through Airtel. You will get different types of call rates. For example, if you recharge 106 taka, you can talk at call rate of 54 paisa per minute.

For which 10 second pulse applies. Will be valid for 30 days. Also if you recharge 29 taka you can talk for 60 paisa per minute which will be valid for seven days. Talk to any operator for a fixed amount trial only 1 paisa / second.

You need to recharge a certain amount to enjoy 1 paisa / second call rate offer. You can enjoy Robi 1 paisa / second call rate offer with 21 taka recharge. Call rate of 1 paisa / second on 21 taka recharge will be valid for two days.

robi 159 tk recharge offer 2024

I will present Robi’s 106 taka recharge offer to you. Read the article from beginning to end. If you recharge 56 taka and 106 taka of Robi. 66 paise per minute.

Which will be valid for 30 days. All Robi prepaid customers will be eligible for this offer by recharging 56 taka and 106 taka. In particular, will only apply to local numbers.

This offer can be taken multiple times during the campaign. Minute Bonus, Minute Bundle and Bonus Minute and Bundle Minute will be used first. 15% supplementary duty (SD), 15% VAT on tariffs including SD, and 1% surcharge on base tariff.

robi recharge offer internet

Robi will now give you the information of 40 taka recharge offer. If you read the article carefully from beginning to end, you will know. If you recharge 139 taka, you can talk at a call rate of one paisa per second for 90 days.

With which 1 second pulse will apply. 15 percent supplementary duty, 15 per cent VAT and one per cent charge on best tariff will be applicable. Then friends, I informed you all through registration.