Padma Bank Routing Number, Branch List, Helpline Number, Personal Loan

Even a few decades ago, we had to face many difficulties in money transactions. But now that the banking system has been introduced, there is not as much difficulty in money transactions as before.

Money can now be easily transacted through the banking system. So we will discuss about banks in this post. Those of you who are interested to know about Padma Bank

or to know the routing number of Padma Bank and the routing number of different branches of Padma Bank, read this post carefully from beginning to end.

If you read this post with full attention, you will be able to know various types of information including routing numbers of different branches of Padma Bank.

With the introduction of banking system, various types of public and private banks have been established in all the countries of the world. Some of the public and private banks in

Bangladesh are Islami Bank, City Bank, IFIC Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank, Grameen Bank, BRAC Bank, Agrani Bank. All these banks have a routing number.

Many do not know what is meant by routing number or rowdy number. Routing numbers are used to identify a bank. Routing numbers are usually 9 digits.

The first three digits of these nine digits are the next three digits of the bank code and the next three digits determine the branch of a region.

In this post I have mentioned some of the branch routing numbers of Padma Bank. Routing number of Dhaka Agargaon branch is 280270139. The routing number of Gulshan Corporate

Branch is 280261814. The routing number of Dhaka Imamganj branch is 28027280.3 The routing number of Joypara branch is 280273286 and the routing number of Motijheel branch is 280274243.

Apart from Agargaon, Gulshan, Imamganj, Motijheel etc. branches of Dhaka, Padma Bank has several more branches. In another post on our website,

the branch list of Padma Bank has been published. If you read other posts on our website, you can find out more about Padma Bank and other branches besides Agargaon,

Gulshan, Imamganj, Motijheel, Joypara, etc. in Dhaka. Padma Bank has some helpline numbers. If you want to contact the helpline number of Padma Bank,

then you can contact us about the number of helpline numbers we have published in this post. The numbers are: 02 222293375, 02 222293410, 02 222288068, 02 222293419,

02 222298070, 02 222293309, 02 222298037. Apart from Padma Bank, some more posts have been published on our website about other banks.

If you want to know more about banks other than Padma Bank, read the other posts on our website. Thank you for reading our entire post.