NRBC Bank Routing Number, Branch List, Helpline Number, Branch Code, Swift Code

Today we will give some information about NRBC Bank through this post. A new generation of private commercial banks in Bangladesh. In order to attract non-residential

Bangladeshi and foreign investors, the bank has started its activities with some innovative ideas to accelerate the economies of the countries.

NRBC operates 168 branches across the country to provide a better experience to its customers. It has 563 agent service points. The bank’s clients include multinational and domestic

companies covering all sectors of the economy such as contracts, trading, shipping, Engaged in activities across real estate and international trading.

There is a good portfolio of term loans including some syndicate loans. Today through this post we will introduce you to the NRBC Bank routing system and all types of Swift codes.

I hope you like it. Many of you wanted to know about NRBC Bank Routing Number. A routing number is not a number but a digit number. Through which a bank is identified.

You can get NRBC Bank Motijheel Branch Head Office Number and Swift Code from our website. So friends, read this article carefully and find out about the routing number of NRBC Bank.

Below you will find NRBC Bank Principal Head Office and Gulshan Branch Routing Number. So friends, you can know the article through this post. So read on.

Today through this post we will give you the contact and booking number in the Principal Head Office of NRBC Bank. Principal Branch 114 Motijheel C / A,

Dhaka-1000 +88 02- 9573422-30. Mobile: +88 01955-502101 +88 01678-433101m Routing Number: 26027535 Swift Code: NRBBBDDHPRB

For your convenience, we have mentioned on our website the routing number and Swift code of NRBC Bank’s Gulshan branch. Gulshan Branch 52, Gulshan Avenue,

Silver Tower, Gulshan-1, Dhaka +88 02- 9897531-32. Mobile: +88 01955-502102 +88 01678-433102 Routing Number: 260261726 Swift Code: NRBBBDDHGUL

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Many of you want to know about NRBC Bank Chawkbazar Branch Routing Number and Swift Code. Today we will show you the address of NRB Bank Chawkbazar

Branch through this post. NRBC Bank serves all customers on Sundays and Thursdays except Fridays and Saturdays of the week.

In front of you today we will give NRBC Bank Hemayetpur, Ashulia Branch telephone numbers and numbers through this post. Ahsan Complex, Holding No.

356/1, Bashundhara EPZ Road, Bypile, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka 1349. Also the address of Chawkbazar Branch is House No. 18, Water Works Road, Chawk Bazar, Dhaka and Swift code it is NRBDBDDH

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