My GP Offer 2024 (Internet, Recharge)

You will be happy to know that today we will present to you the information regarding Grameenphone’s GP offer through this registration. You know that Grameenphone is the largest mobile telecom operator in Bangladesh. It has about 1 million subscribers.

Grameenphone’s network works well in remote areas. Much better than other operators from Forge coverage. If you are a Grameenphone subscriber. Through this article, you can find out information about your Grameenphone SIM offer.

So I have a request for you. You read carefully from beginning to end. Find out about your Grameen SIM offer. So let’s not exaggerate, let’s start today’s article.

My GP Offer 2024

Grameenphone is the largest private mobile Teletalk mobile operator in Bangladesh. Their subscriber base has exceeded one million. Gradually the number of their customers is increasing day by day. Grameenphone’s Forge Internet is available in other remote areas compared to other mobile operators.

People are getting Grameenphone’s services in remote areas. They offer Grameenphone. Through this registration, you will be able to know the truth about what offers are available in your Grameenphone SIM.

You must first download the My GP app from the Google Play Store. Login there with your number. If you login, you will be able to see all the offers that are available in your SIM. Grameenphone also has offers. Which applies to everyone. 

my gp internet offer

You can see the list of those offers. You can purchase those offers by recharging through the app. Another popular offer from Grameenphone is the 1GB 25 taka package. If you want you can buy 1 GB 25 taka package.

This package has become very popular among the customers. You can purchase this package if you wish. Today we will let you know how to purchase this package through this article. Grameenphone’s attractive 1GB internet is here.

To get this pack in just 7 days dial * 121 * 5192 #. So if you want to see more attractive offers, you can open the My GP app of the handset and see the offers from there.

GP internet offer 1GB 17 Tk

Grameenphone’s unique offer of 1gb 17 Tk of internet is very popular and widely used. So you too can accept this offer.

However, this offer does not apply to everyone. That’s why Grameenphone offers this offer to specific customers. You can get 1gb package by recharging 17 Tk or by dialing specific code. Which will be valid for seven days.

The user will not be able to enjoy the offer more than twice. Users can avail this offer on 2g 3g 4g network. The activation code for this offer is * 121 * 5003 #. To check internet balance dial * 121 * 1 * 4 #.

my gp recharge offer 2024

You must have heard the name of My GP app. You can download My GP app from Google Play Store. With this app you will be able to know all the information of SIM.

Also if you want to know your phone’s call history, sms history, internet running history. You will know them. You can also watch FNF Super FNF through this My GP app.

In addition, with this app, you can convert from Djuice to Nishchinto package. You can also view different types of balances through this My GP app. You can also transfer the balance.