Multiplan Center Computer Shop List Dhaka

We will discuss Multiplan Center Computer Shop List here today. Also, we will inform here about the days when the computer shop or shops of Multiplan Center are closed.

I will also tell you the contact number of Multiplan Center. If you want to know all these details, read this post carefully. Multiplan Center is a very popular shopping mall in our country.

It is an IT shopping mall. Various types of modern information technology products are sold here. Computers, laptops, printers, cameras and other electronic devices are available here.

It is almost the largest IT shopping mall in our country. This shopping mall is located on Elephant Road in Dhaka. Many computers of good brands are sold at Multiplan Center.

Many people choose Multiplan Center for their computer purchases. Because they always choose good products for customers. A computer is a calculating machine.

This is what we see in most office courts these days. Along with that we see computers in many homes. We do various types of daily work through computers.

Due to which the importance of computer is increasing day by day and its demand is also increasing. There are many people who want to know about the number of computer shops or shops of Multiplan Center.

So we will inform you about this. There are about 750 shops in Multiplan Center. Each store has a different name. We have published those names in other posts on our website.

You can know about this from other posts on our website. Multiplan Center being a very popular shopping mall, many people or customers come and go here almost every day.

But many times it is seen that many go there and come back. Because they don’t know when Multiplan Center’s off day is. So we will let them know when the multiplan center is closed.

Multiplan Center Computer Shop List

If you are aware of this then hopefully you will not have any difficulty and you can go there on other days. Multiplan Center’s off day is Tuesday. It is closed every Tuesday.

There are many people who want to know or contact the Multiplan Center before visiting or buying products from here. If you want to contact Multiplan Center then you can call 0255153472 or 01938858804.

Apart from this they have a website. This is – Apart from the Multiplan Center, we have also discussed about the Korea

offices in different parts of our country on our website and published the contact numbers of all those offices. You can know more about that from our website.