GP Minute Pack 2024 Code, List, Check [30, 15, 7 Days]

Want to know about Grameenphone Minute Package? If you want to talk at a low price or if you want to talk at a low rate on any number. You must purchase Grameenphone internet package.

I will discuss it today. Grameenphone is offering 99 taka 160 minutes for 7 days only. If you want to activate this package. Then you must recharge 99 tk or dial *121*4006#.

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Hope you will like the packages very much. Grameenphone has brought you several minute package offers, you are interested to know about Grameenphone recharge offers and minute offers.

Today we will discuss several minutes offers of Grameenphone in front of you through this post. Grameenphone 6 taka will get 10 minutes in exchange of only 6 hours.

To activate this package dial *121*4024#. 21 minutes of Grameenphone is only 14 taka. The duration of which will be 16 hours. If you want to activate this package then dial *121*4001#.

Grameenphone has sent several internet and minute packs for a period of 30 days if you want to activate them. Then today’s article is for you. Grameenphone will get 16 taka for 25 minutes.

Which will be valid for 24 hours. Dial *121*4207# to activate this package. You will get 120 minutes of Grameenphone only 78 taka which will be valid for 7 days.

To activate this package dial *121*4006#. Customers who wish to purchase a month-long Grameenphone minute offer. Grameenphone has brought this offer for them.

To avail this offer just recharge 307 tk or purchase 500 minutes using activation code. Grameenphone has several internet offers for 200 minutes and 30 days.

GP Minute Pack 2024

And this offer is valid for 30 days. If you don’t want to recharge then you can enjoy the offer by using this activation code *121*4208#. Besides, you are getting only 59 taka for 90 minutes offer.

Offer Expiry 7 Days This offer has become admissible for customers. And this offer can be enjoyed through activation code. The code is *121*4205#.

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100 minutes by recharging only 64 tk. And this offer is valid for seven days. This offer can be activated through activation code *121*4206#.