GP 200 Minute Offer 30 Days 2024 [113 Taka & 124 TK]

Do you know that Grameenphone has always come up with great offers for their customers? Today we will discuss several minutes packages of Grameenphone for 30 days through this post.

Those who need to talk on the phone regularly. Then you may need these minute offers. So today through this post we are giving you all the 200 minutes and other package minutes available for a period of 30 days.

I will discuss the packages. Hope you will like today’s article very much. Also, how do you activate these minute packages? Keep an eye on our website to know that. I hope you will have a great time tonight.

Grameenphone is giving you 200 minutes offer only 157 taka. You can launch this offer in two parts if you want. First by directly recharging Tk or by dialing USSD code.

Recharge minimum Tk 157 to purchase 157 taka for Grameenphone 200 minutes 30 days period. Apart from recharging, you can also enjoy this bundle by dialing the USSD code.

You can also enjoy minutes by dialing the USSD code without recharging. For this dial *121*5074#. The period will be 30 days. If you want to activate Grameenphone 125 taka 200 SMS

and 200 minutes package for 30 days, come to our website. I will show you through the website. How to activate your Grameenphone 200 minutes offer for 30 days.

Besides, you are getting a package of 198 Tk for 300 minutes for talking at an affordable rate. These packages will be very good for you. GP 199 taka 310 min. GP to GP Minutes Offer Dial to avail this offer

GP 200 Minute Offer 30 Days

*121*4018# then you will get 199 taka 310 minutes for 30 days. I hope, friends, through today’s article, I have been able to answer the desired question before you.

Many of you search for Grameenphone 300 minutes SMS packages on the internet. So through today’s article, I will tell you how to activate Grameenphone minutes. I will discuss the details about that.

300 minutes of Grameenphone is only 158 taka. If you want to activate this package then you need to directly recharge 158 Tk or you can activate 300 minutes minute package in very short time by dialing USSD code.

To activate this package of 300 minutes, recharge Tk 218 or dial this code *121*4400#. So friends, through this post I have given you detailed information.