Dhaka Bank Routing Number, Branch Code List, Contact Number, Swift Code

Are you interested to know about the routing number of Dhaka Bank? If you are interested to know about the routing number of Dhaka Bank then read our post carefully.

If you read our post from beginning to end with full attention, you will know what is routing number or what is meant by number and routing number of different branches of Dhaka Bank.

At present, the easiest way to transact money is through banking. Due to the introduction of banking system, at present we do not have to face much difficulty in money transactions.

Through banks we can transfer money from one place to another or from one country to another very easily and in a short time. Moreover, we can now take loans from banks due to various problems.

Every country now has many public and private banks. Similarly, there are many government and private banks in our country. These banks are Citi Bank, IFIC Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank,

Sonali Bank, Islami Bank, Agrani Bank etc. All these banks have a routing number. Which is in the check book. Checks usually have three numbers. Such as -check number,

account number, routing number. Routing numbers are usually nine digits. Many people do not know what is meant by routing number. So today in this post we have discussed

in detail about the routing number of Dhaka Bank. If you read our posts, you will know the routing number of Dhaka Bank. The first three digits in the routing number

usually indicate the identity of the bank. The next three digits of the district and the next three digits indicate the account of the branch in which region.

And today we have mentioned the routing numbers of some branches of Dhaka Bank in this post. Dhaka Bank Comilla Branch Routing Number is 085191150 and Motijheel Islami Bank

Branch Routing Number is 085272958. Routing Number of Dhaka Nandipara branch is 085274606. The routing number of Dhaka Pragati Sarani Branch is 085260344

and the routing number of Dhaka Savar Bazar Branch is 085264124. Apart from these branches, Dhaka Bank also has a number of other branches. Routing numbers of all those

branches have been published in other posts on our website. We have given the helpline number of Dhaka Bank branch in this post. If you want various information about Dhaka Bank

by contacting the helpline number of Dhaka Bank, you can contact the following number. 16474, +88 09678 01647. Apart from Dhaka Bank,

some other posts related to other banks have been published on our website. If you read other posts on our website then you can know the details about other banks besides Dhaka Bank.