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Assume you have a bKash account. But you have forgotten the bKash account PIN. Then of course that bKash PIN may need to be reset. Today we will try to show you through this post.

How to reset bKash PIN at home You can do this without any help. So guys, let’s start the main discussion. If you forgot your bKash account PIN, you can reset it yourself.

Not only by dialing this *247# code. Now if you forget PIN reset it through bKash app. So guys, let’s start the main discussion. Hope you get the answer to your desired question without delay.

The following information is required for Android users. Forgot the pen from the app’s login screen. Tap on A verification code will appear. Then tap on confirm button.

Then complete the face scan process as per the mentioned rules. Wait, tap the confirm button with the temporary PIN number sent by bKash. Enter a new five-digit pin number of your choice,

confirm with the new pin number and login to the app again. Besides, there is a separate rule for iPhone users. Through this post I have discussed before you.

Do you want to know how much is bKash PIN? Being digital is necessary first. The three digits of the bKash used to open are usually 4 digits. But nowadays bKash pin number 5 is recommended to be digital.

Through this post, I will discuss the detailed information in front of you. PIN stands for Personal Identification Number or Personal Identification Number. PIN is basically a code made

up of several numbers which is given to login through various channels. A person’s PIN will be known only by him/herself. Telling someone else PIN is equivalent to weakening your security.

So avoid giving your bKash PIN number to anyone else even if you get any kind of call from bKash do not share that number with anyone. Lost pin number of bKash.

bKash Pin Reset

Or your account is locked after repeatedly entering bKash pin number. Then there is no tension. You can recover your locked account if you want. Through this post I will discuss the details in front of you.

You will understand if you read the article from the beginning to the end. bKash account will be temporarily closed or account blocked if wrong PIN is entered 3 times consecutively while accessing bKash account with password.

And so if you don’t remember your pin number and have already used the wrong pin 2 times, avoid entering the pin for the 3rd time. Because your bKash Account will be Temporarily Blocked as soon as you use the wrong PIN for the 3rd time.

To reset bKash pin call bKash customer care 16247. Hope friends understand today’s article. Request PIN reset by dialing *247# with required information.