Zinda Park Ticket Price, Purbachal, Resort, Food Price, Opening Time

What do you want to know about Zinda Park? If you want to know more about Zinda Park ticket price, where Zinda Park is located and how to get to Zinda Park? Then read our full post.

We will discuss about Zinda Park in our post today. This park is in Narayanganj district. But it is located in Adar, Dhaka. It is located in Rupganj Upazila of Narayanganj.

If you want to go to Zinda Park, read this post in full. This post explains the cost of Zinda Park and how you can go in detail. Today’s post is for those Dhaka residents who are bored from home.

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Because it is a park located in a beautiful environment near Dhaka. Zinda Park is located in Daudpur Union of Ruppur Upazila. This park is spread over an area of ​​about 150 acres.

Zinda Park has about 250 species of trees, five reservoirs and numerous birds. The environment of Zinda Park is full of greenery. It has become very difficult to find such an environment in Dhaka.

Moreover, those staying in Dhaka can easily visit Zinda Park within a day. In our present day city dwellers cannot go out and play due to lack of open spaces or lack of playgrounds.

Zinda park Purbachal, resort

Or can’t walk out. Wherever it goes, carriages and horses are full of buildings. This is our post today for them. Zinda Park is located near Dhaka.

Here you can easily go in the morning and back in the afternoon. The entrance fee of Zinda Park is not too high. To enter Zinda Park, the entrance ticket price is 100 taka.

Entry fee for children is 50 taka. There is a library there. If you want to enter that library, you have to pay a fee of 10 taka. Moreover, Zinda Park has parking facilities. 

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If you want to park your car there, you can park there. For that, you have to pay a certain amount of charge. Free parking is charged at Zinda Park

ranging from 50 to 100 taka per vehicle. This park is open seven days a week. So you can visit any day of the week with your children

or even your husband or wife. But before going to Zinda Park, you must do some research on the website. If you want to go to Zinda Park from Dhaka,

zinda park opening time, Contact number

you will first go to Kuril Bishwa Road. From 300 feet you can easily take a BRTC bus to Zinda Park via Kanchan Bridge with a fare of 25 taka.

You can also pay by auto rickshaw if you want. In that case your fare will be thirty taka. And if you take a reserve auto rickshaw,

then you will be charged 100 or 120 taka. Moreover, if you want to contact the contact number of Zinda Park, then we publish their contact number on our website. That is 01716-260908.