Widal Test Price in Bangladesh

We don’t want to get sick. But if for some reason we have to feel sick. Then we must resort to the hospital. Now the doctor understands our condition and asks us to do various tests.

Today, through this post, we present to you how much money is required to test for various diseases. I will discuss about that. Generally, doctors should consider

the patient psychologically if this problem develops due to overtreatment and lack of time due to excessive stress. The tests that the doctor conducts are CBC test, routine examination of urine,

liver function test and kidney function test. How much money is required to test Widal function today through this post. I will discuss about that. take a look

I am telling how much money is required to do OIDAL function test. 350 taka to perform the test as per the pathology laboratory investigation charges. SBS AG test costs Rs.450.

650 Tk to take SBS AJ Confirmation Test. And Vidal test costs 600 tk. These tests are mainly done at Heart Foundation Hospital, Ibn Sina Medical College, Popular Diagnostic Center and Padma Diagnostic Center.

Hope friends have understood today’s article. I am in front of you how much money is required for OIDAL test and other tests. I have provided a chart of it on our website.

Are you going to the internet to know Oidal test price? Then come to our website. Through this website, I will tell you how much the team test price is. I will discuss the details about that.

Read the article from the beginning. A kit is usually required to perform the Widal test. The price of this kit is 800 rupees. Directly borne by the hospital authorities.

Widal Test Price in Bangladesh

Today through this post all the tests that are required for all emergency treatment in Bangladesh including Oidal test List of those tests and how much. I have given a chart of it on our website.

You can visit our website to know more details about this chat. Hope you like it. What do you want to know? How much money is required for Widal test? OIDAL test is done in all public

and private hospitals in Bangladesh. But if you want to get the report in less time. Then you can get this test done at Popular Diagnostic Center Ibn Sina Medical College Hospital.

A Widal test of 1:80 means it is negative for typhoid. But please remember Widal test should be done after 7 days of fever. If done too early it can give false negative results. If you have a fever, get a blood culture test.