Vision Eye Hospital Dhaka: Doctor List, Contact Number, Address, Care Centre, Appointment

There are many high quality hospitals in our country now. These hospitals provide high quality medical services. Today we will discuss in this post about one of these high quality hospitals.

Its name is Vision Eye Hospital. If you want to know more about Vision Eye Hospital then read our post carefully from beginning to end. If you read this post carefully,

you will know about the contact number, address, doctor list, etc. of Vision Eye Hospital. Even a few years ago, there was no high quality hospital in our country.

For which we had to travel to different countries to get medical services for different diseases. But now no one in our country has to migrate to another country for treatment.

Now many high quality hospitals have been built in our country. Among these hospitals are: Square Hospital, Dhaka Medical College Hospital etc.

All kinds of diseases are treated in these hospitals. In addition to these hospitals, separate hospitals have been set up in our country for each disease. Such as separate hospital for kidney, eye for hand, etc.

Among all these hospitals, Vision Eye Hospital is an eye hospital. This hospital treats various eye related problems. Apart from Vision Eye Hospital,

there have been many high quality eye hospitals in different parts of our country. Vision Eye Hospital is a high quality hospital. You can find out about the hospital

and the specialist doctors of that hospital by contacting the contact number at Vision Eye Hospital. The contact numbers of Vision Eye Hospital are Phone: +8801787659474,

+8801976697474. Vision Eye Hospital Address We have published in this post. The address of Vision Eye Hospital is correct: Address: 229 Green Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Those of you who would like to make an appointment with a specialist for eye treatment at Vision Eye Hospital can call the following number: Appointment please call +8801787659474 (8am – 8pm).

Also if you want to know more about Vision Eye Hospital or the specialist doctors of that hospital, you can find out more about that hospital by visiting the website of that hospital

Many have a variety of complex problems. For this many people seek treatment from specialist doctors from advanced hospitals to cure their eye problems.

That’s why in this post we have mentioned the names of some of the specialist doctors of Vision Eye Hospital. The names of these specialist doctors are:

Dr. Siddiqur Rahman

MBBS, D-Ophth

Dr. Muhammad Moniruzzaman


Dr. Md. Masudul Hasan

MBBS, FCPS, D-Opth, MCPS (Eye)

In addition to these key doctors, there are many more specialist doctors at Vision Eye Hospital. If you would like to have your eye treated by these specialist doctors, you can contact Vision Eye Hospital.

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