VDRL Test Price in Bangladesh [Kolkata, Sri Lanka, Nigeria]

Do you want to know the VDRL test and why the VDRL test is done? What does vdrl test positive mean? If a person develops signs or symptoms of the condition or has a positive screening test.

Then a diagnostic test is needed to confirm the diagnosis. BDRL test is one of the tests used in the diagnostic process. A positive R test indicates the presence of VDRL on the entry board.

It is important to remember that the VDRL test is not specific for syphilis, and a positive vdrl test result does not mean that a person has syphilis. Many times false positives can happen,

today if you remember from the beginning to the end you can read and check. The cost of vdrl test may vary by city and village. The price of vdrl test of some named

diagnostic centers is given: VDRL 500 tk at popular diagnostic center, VDRL Q+Q 1000 tk. The cost of this test at Ibn Sina Hospital is VDRL 400 Tk. After being infected with the coronavirus in Bangladesh,

many patients are initially cured by treatment at home as advised by doctors, but many patients have to go through various types of tests again. So you must know about this test.

Today through this post we will discuss what is BDRL test and why to do this test. Tell about it. Also, it is important to see any infection in a patient’s body.

Through this test doctors get a general idea about the body. This is a test profile. There are many constants in this. Doctors recommend this test to find out whether there is an ongoing infection in the CRP body.

VDRL Test Price in Bangladesh

The C-reactive protein CRP test can help doctors determine the risk of heart disease and stroke. Hope friends understand. If you want to know more information. Find out by visiting our website.

Do you want to know about lipid profile test? Then today’s article is for you. A lipid profile looks like how much fat you have in your body and how much fat you have in your blood.

You have to do this test to know that. Through today’s post, I am going to tell you how much money it takes to get Lipid Profile and VDRL Test done at Popular Diagnostic Center.

This test costs 500 to 1000 tk. However, its cost is relatively higher than private hospitals. VDRL This test is done to see if there is any sexually transmitted disease. The sexually transmitted diseases are – Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Herpes.