Uttara Crescent Hospital: Doctor List, Contact Number, Address, Serial Number, Online Appointment, Delivery Package

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Phone: 01917-704150 / 1, 01707-704150 / 1, 58952744,58956737,48951218, 01917704156. You can also get the hotline number and emergency number of Uttara Crescent Hospital

from our website. 01917-704156 This is the Uttara Crescent Hospital Emergency Hotline number. If for any reason you want to know the names of different types

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Level-03, Chamber No: 303, 306 & 307, House # 40, Rabindra Smarani Road, Sector # 07, Uttara-1230 Only, Wed-4.00 PM To 09.00 PM For Appointment: 10665 (Mobile Hotline)

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of all those doctors including a PhD degree. I discussed in detail the educational qualifications of Prof. Dr. Bilal Alam and his patient visit time. MBBS, FCPS, MD,

MACP, FACP (USA) Professors & Principles – Department of Medicine Visiting Sir Salimullah Medical College: 6:30 – 10:00 pm Neuro & Medicine Specialist.

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