Upay Customer Care Number, Service Center, Support, Email Address

Mobile banking services have become very popular in Bangladesh since 2011. Currently, several companies have launched mobile banking services. Upay Banking is one of them.

Today we will discuss the way mobile banking services. If you are interested to know about Upay Mobile Banking then this post is for you. UCB Bank has launched mobile banking service.

Upay mobile banking service has been launched under the supervision of UCB Bank. In a word, UCB Bank is the proprietor of Upay Mobile Banking. If you want to know different information

about UCB Bank, check out other posts on our website. We have published a post about UCB Bank on our website. Upay mobile banking service has been launched for the last few years.

Gradually it came to the brink of popularity. Upay is coming up with various offers to rise to the top of the popularity of mobile banking services.

They are offering all these to attract customers. Due to all these offers, the popularity of Upay is increasing day by day. Although the Upay apps are not yet widely available.

Because with the Upay app now you can’t pay different bills starting from cutting tickets in those places. However, they have continued their efforts.

Upay mobile banking will soon rise to the peak of popularity inshaAllah. If you are a subscriber of Opay then if you have any problem with your Upay app or due to money send money cash out

or any other problem you can also call 16268. You can call this number in 24 hours. However, you must remember that the call will be charged at two and a half rupees per minute.

You can solve any problem of your Upay app by contacting this number. In that case you must own your account and provide the correct information to Upay Customer Care.

If you still can’t find a solution to your problem by talking to Upay Call Center, you can go to their specific customer care on Gulshan Avenue to solve your problem.

That is why you must be physically present there. You will also bring a photocopy of your National Identity Card or Voter ID Card. We have published the address of

Upay Call Center as well as Customer Care Center on our website. Customer Care Address is Plot CWS (A) -1, Road 34, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka – 1212, Bangladesh

If you want to know more about various information of mobile banking including upay mobile banking, please visit our website. We have discussed all these issues in detail in other posts on our website.