Upakul Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Tracking, Route, Code

Today we will discuss detailed information about Upakul Express train. By knowing this information, you can travel safely. Upakul Express Train No. 771- 712. Due to the popularity of the train,

there are seating arrangements, food facilities, and entertainment facilities. Through this post, you can know about Upakul Express train schedule, journey break, fare list, holidays.

Upakul Express (Train No. 711 – 712) Upakul Express train is an intercity train running from Noakhali Railway Station to Dhaka. It was inaugurated on 17 January 1986. The first journey of the train starts

upakul express train schedule from dhaka, noakhali

from Noakhali railway station and the last journey from Kamalapur railway station. It runs from Noakhali to Dhaka railway station. Known to be a good time for commuters,

the train runs six days a week with one day off. The holiday is Wednesday, every Wednesday, the movement of this train is closed. The Upakul Express train has a total of 16 compartments.

There is a dining compartment, a power car compartment, the train has a separate space for prayers between the dining compartment and the middle of the train has a patient compartment.

upakul express train ticket price

Upakul Express train usually runs from Noakhali to Dhaka and Dhaka to Noakhali. This train starts from Noakhali at 6:30 am i.e. 6:30 am. It leaves Noakhali station and reaches Dhaka

on the other side at 2:25 PM and the Upakul Express train departs from Dhaka at 4 PM and reaches Noakhali at 10 PM, total traveling time is 9 hours. If you have a break at T station,

then this journey break is maximum of five minutes. Upakul Express train from Noakhali to Dhaka again has a break of 14 stations. If you want to contact this train authority on mobile then

upakul express train off day

you can contact below numbers and airport railway station. If you want to know the address, contact the address and phone number below. Kamalapur Railway Station, Phone No: 9358634, 9331822,

Mobile No: 01711691612. Airport Railway Station, Phone Number: 8924239, Website: railway.gov.bd. Upakul Express train has three seats which are ordinary, decorative chair and first seat.

You can collect information from below to know the fare and details of each seat. For Noakhali, Choumuhani, Bajra, Sonaimuri, Nather Petua, general fare is 210 taka, chair is 250 taka and first seat is 335 taka. Laksam

upakul express train tracking, route, code

Sobhan general fare 175 taka and Sobhan chair 210 taka and first seat 280 taka. Ashuganj Sadhan rent 100 taka Decorative chair 120 taka First seat 160 taka. Suppose you want to buy Upakul Express train ticket online

instead of going directly to the counter. You can do that but you have to book the ticket by following the following procedure- First you have to download the Railway Rail Seva app. Then you have

to buy secondary ticket online sex railway apps. Then fill your ticket route date passenger name and details and click on found. Then you have to confirm the ticket by making payment by making Bkash, Rocket.