United Hospital Gulshan: Doctor List, Contact Number, Address, Price List, Serial Number

Do you want to know about United Hospital? If you want to know more about United Hospital then read our post. Today we will discuss about United Hospital in this post.

Those of you who are interested in learning about United Hospital, please read this post carefully. By reading this post you will be able to know different types

of information about United Hospital. Even a century ago, in our country, people would die for a small disease due to lack of treatment. They do not receive any good medical care.

For example, even a decade or two ago, thousands of people would have died due to lack of treatment for diseases like cholera, tuberculosis and measles.

But at the present time it is not. Because the medical system in our country has improved a lot now. At present many advanced mental hospitals have been built in different parts of our country.

All these hospitals provide advanced medical services. As before, we do not have to seek medical treatment from any foreign country for any disease.

We are now getting advanced medical services from our country. United Hospital is one of these high quality hospitals. Good treatment is given at the United Hospital

and all kinds of diseases are diagnosed and examined and medical services are given for that disease. United Hospital is a very good quality hospital.

Many people want to get medical treatment from this hospital. The cost of this hospital is much less. But the quality of medical services is good.

United Hospital has several branches. These branches are spread in different parts of our country. Among these branches there is a branch at Gulshan.

Many people want to contact United Hospital for various diseases. If you would like to contact United Hospital, you can find out more about United Hospital by calling the numbers below.

These numbers are used 24 hours a day to provide your services. Plot 15, Road 71, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh. Tel: +88 02 8836444, +88 02 8836000, Fax: +88 02 8836446, Email: [email protected].

A number of other posts on our website have been discussed in detail about hospitals other than United Hospitals. If you visit our website regularly and read other posts,

you will find many different types of information about hospitals. United Hospital is one of the best hospitals for advanced medical services.

Medical services are provided in this hospital by diagnosing the disease very accurately. There are many experienced doctors in this hospital. If you want to be treated by an experienced doctor,

you can go to the United Hospital in Gulshan. There are many experienced doctors in that hospital. We have given the names of some doctors of United Hospital in this post. The names of the doctors are-


MBBS, MD (Cardiology), PhD (Cardiology)



MBBS, FCPS (Med), MD (Card)



MBBS, FCPS (Med), MD (Card)



MBBS, D-Card. MD (Card)

Chief Consultant

If you want to get good medical services, you can take the advice of that doctor. Thank you very much for reading our post from beginning to end.