Udyan Express Train Schedule, Ticket Availability, Off Day, Route, Number

Are you planning to travel by Udyan Express train or want to know about train schedule and other things then our today’s post is very important for you. In today’s post we will present you

all the details about Udyan Express train, schedule, stopover, ticket price and closing days. Udyan Express Intercity Train is an intercity train running from Chittagong to Sylhet under Bangladesh Railways.

This train is currently operated by MG PT Inca coach from Indonesia. It is the second intercity on the Chittagong Sylhet route. udyan Express The udyan Express train

udyan express train schedule

was first launched on 26th May 1988. The udyan Express train departs from Chittagong at 11:45 AM and reaches Sylhet at 6:30 AM. On the other hand, it leaves Sylhet at 21:40

and reaches Chittagong at 6:00 in the morning. As this udyan Express train runs from Chittagong to Sylhet, we are highlighting all the stations it crosses or stops on this route below.

The udyan Express train has a maximum stop of four minutes at all stations, the names of the stations are – Feni Junction, Laksam Junction, Comilla, Akhaura Junction,

Udyan Express Train ticket availability

Shaistaganj Junction, Srimangal, Shamsernagar, Kulaura Junction, Baramchal, Maizgaon. Before traveling by Udyan Express train one should know about its fare.

Udon Express train has different fares for different seats, you can choose the seat according to your preference and affordability. So let’s take a look at the fares of udyan Express

train – Shovan ticket price 315 taka, Shovan chair ticket price 375 taka, first seat ticket price 500 taka, first berth ticket price 745 taka, AC ticket price 857 taka, AC berth 1288 taka.

udyan express off day, current status

For your convenience, the rules for online ticket purchase of Udyan Express train are discussed below- Online train ticket booking apps Rail seba. First you download this Rail Seba app

from your phone store or play store. Then you enter the app and fill the app with all the information. And it will ask you to sign in. If you want to sign in, create a new account with

your email address and password. Once your account is complete you can collect tickets through this app. And must remember that to collect tickets online,

udyan express train route, number

payment must be made to Vikas. Among the two trains traveling between Chittagong and Sylhet, the udyan Express train is a popular intercity train.

Its popularity is due to the seating arrangement, sleeping arrangements, food and entertainment facilities available in this udyan Express train. udyan Express train has weekends.

Train No. 723 Chittagong to Sylhet route has weekend on Saturday and 724 Sylhet to Chittagong route has weekend on Sunday.