TVS Test Price in Bangladesh [IBN Sina, Popular]

We will give you an idea about the cost of TVS test in Bangladesh through this post today. Also let you know when to do TVS test and how much it will cost if you do TVS test from popular diagnostic center.

If you are interested to know about all these topics, check our full post. Hope you can know all these details by reading this post. We see many types of diseases in humans.

There is no person in the world who is not affected by any common or complex disease. In today’s advanced medical system, various tests are performed to diagnose various diseases.

There are different tests for each disease. The doctor diagnoses the patient’s disease or problem through the test. Before giving an idea about the price of TVS Test, let me give you an idea about what TVS is.

The TVS test is an ultrasound examination of the female reproductive organs. Organs included in this test are bladder, sex and ovaries fallopian tubes, uterus.

This nontransvaginal eighteen sound test is performed due to various problems. This test is done in different hospitals or diagnostic centers of our country.

Many people want to know TVS Exam Bangladesh Price. So we will inform you about this. For example, if you want to do the TVS doubler USG test, then you have to do it for 4000 tk.

Also, TVS Ultrasonogram with Vascularity Color Doubler is Tk 5000. Pelvis (T/A & TVS) with Internal OS (F768) is tk 3500, USG Transvaginal of Pelvis Organ (TVS) – 4D(F736) is tk 4000.

There are many people who don’t know when to do Tvs test. For which they go online to know about this. Therefore, we have discussed this in detail in some other posts on our website

TVS Test Price in Bangladesh

so that you can know more about when to do Tvs test. You can know more about this from other posts on our website. Popular Diagnostic Center is a very high quality diagnostic center in our country.

This center has branches in different parts of our country. Many people want to test drive TVS from here and want to know its price. So we are going to tell you about TVS test of popular diagnostic center.

If you want to test from here then you can do it for 4000 rupees. Apart from this diagnostic center, you can get TVS test from different types of diagnostic centers or hospitals.

Apart from TVS test, various other tests are done in popular diagnostic centers. Check other posts on our website to know about other tests of Diagnost Popular Diagnostic Center.