TSH Test Price in Bangladesh [IBN Sina, Popular Diagnostic Center]

Nowadays, doctors order patients to undergo a test to determine thyroid hormone secretion. And this is the TSH test. It is a common blood test in our country.

This test is very affordable compared to other tests or tests in our country. Because this test does not require additional diagnostic equipment, this test is done in most hospitals or diagnostic centers in our country.

Before doing this test, many people want to know the price of TSH test in our country. So we will tell you about it in detail. Also we will tell you how much money it will cost you if you do

TSH test from popular hospital or why TSH test is done. If you want to get an idea about all these things, you can see the rest of our posts. TSH is the abbreviation for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.

TSH was first tested in 1965 and then this test method was evaluated by radioimmunoassay. But with the advancement of information technology in present times, it has been invented in new

and new technologies. The TSH test does not cost much. The government of our country has fixed a price for this test. Officially, the price of this test is 700 tk.

However, you can get this test done at less than 700 tk from different hospitals. Again, there are many hospitals in which if you want to do this test, it may cost more than 700 tk.

Popular Hospital is one of the very popular and good hospitals of our country. Many patients of our country receive services from this hospital. Because their service quality is very good

TSH Test Price in Bangladesh

and they provide better treatment at low cost or low price. Along with that, they conduct various tests in their hospital. There are many who want to get TSH test from popular hospitals.

And before testing here, you want to know the price or price of this test of Popular Hospital. So we will tell you about it. Popular TSH test price is 800 tk. But they give 25% discount to patients

due to which the cost of this test comes down to Rs.600 TSH test is a very popular test or blood test in our country. Many people do not know why the TSH test is done.

So we will give you an idea about it. This test is usually done to detect thyroid stimulating hormone levels. The test is often seen in patients with thyroid disorders such as hyperthyroidism.