Online Train Ticket Booking Time, System, Limit, Process [এখানে টিকেট কার্টুন]

Today we are trying to tell you through this post, how to book train tickets online. Apart from this, I am trying to give all the information about how to pay for the train ticket

and complete the payment through this post Read the article carefully from beginning to end. You can purchase train tickets from the counter 24 hours a day.

However, there are several limitations for online train ticket booking. You cannot purchase any kind of train ticket online from 11:45 PM to 8:00 AM. You can buy train tickets online from 8 am to 11.45 pm.

Online Train Ticket Booking

Hope I have been able to give you a detailed idea. I will let you know the rules of online train ticket booking through the post. So welcome to our post.

For online train tickets, you need to access a website or app from any phone or laptop with the internet. If you want to buy train tickets on mobile. Then you need to download Rail Seva App

from Google Play Store. Registration must be done through the app. Your NID number, mobile number, email address and other information may be required for registration.

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Then click on Rail Seva app and enter your destination and your journey correctly. Then you will see the seat design of your train. From here you can select your preferred seat

and pay through BKash or any mobile banking and start your journey. Many people want to know about the method of booking train tickets through

For 13 long years an organization named CNSBD was involved in online train ticketing. But nowadays has taken over the responsibility of booking train tickets online.

online train ticket booking time

In this case an additional Rs. 20 will be charged against each seat. I am telling you through this post. How to book train tickets online You will download Rail Seva App from Google Play Store.

If not registered. Then you can register National Voter ID number and various information. Also, first go to the official website of Railway Bangladesh

and give various information about your journey and then pay the ticket price through online digital banking. After some time you will get train ticket pdf file. 

online train ticket booking system

You can print it out from any nearby computer store. Through this post, I am telling you how to buy train tickets online. Read the article carefully from beginning to end.

If you want, you can book your train tickets online from the comfort of your home. Or you can collect the ticket from the counter of the railway station.

There are certain rules you need to follow to buy tickets online. But from the railway station counter then you tell about your destination. They will ticket you.