Titumir Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Stoppage, Code, Location, Number

Bangladesh Railway TT Intercity Train It usually runs from North District Rajshahi to Chilahati Station. which crossed several districts. For example, you can pass through Rajshahi,

Natore, Naogaon, Bogra, Jaipurhat, Dinajpur, Nilphamari, districts by express train. Titumir Express train number is 733. This number travels daily from Rajshahi to Chilahati.

Today we will give you detailed information through this post. Titumir Express train has all kinds of facilities i.e. you will get all kinds of facilities if you travel in this train.

Titumir Express Train Schedule

So that you don’t face any problems while traveling. The Titumir Express train also has food facilities. Those of you who want to travel by Titumir Express Train.

That’s all you need to know about Titumir Express Train Schedule. Usually Titumir Express trains from Chilahati travel on this route. Titumir Express train weekend is Wednesday.

Wednesday is a holiday. That is, the train does not run. Titumir Express train leaves Rajshahi for Sylhet daily at 6:20 AM. to arrive at one in the afternoon. Titumir Express train

Titumir Express Train ticket price

from Rajshahi to Chilahati station has a total of 15 stations Titumir Express train breaks. So check out our table below for your convenience. How long does the journey take a break at these 15 stations

and also what time does the train arrive at these stations? All the information is stored in our table. You must know about Titumir Express train ticket price.

Fares in any train are fixed by distance or by class. In this case Titumir Express train fares are fixed in five categories. Find out through the table on our website. 

Titumir Express off day, stoppage

Fare of five seats of Titumir Express along with 15% VAT shall be accepted. You are charged a minimum of 175 taka for a luxurious chair and 621 taka for an AC berth.

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We will close the Titumir Express train in front of you through this post. Give details about that. Read carefully from beginning to end.

titumir express train code, location, number

Rajshahi to Sylhet leaves Rajshahi at 6:20 and arrives at 1 PM. Even Chilahati leaves for Rajshahi at 1:20 and reaches at 8 pm. In this case,

the weekend has been fixed on Wednesday. That means your Wednesday is six days a week. You can travel by Titumir Express train on any day.

So I hope I have been able to present all the information about Titumir Express Train to you. So you will not have any problem while traveling by Titumir Express train.