Tishta Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Code, Location, Tracking

Tishta Express is a train suitable for long journeys, traveling in this train is comfortable and attractive. You can get a completely different experience in train journey here. Get detailed information

about Tishta Express train schedule, ticket and fare list from this post. Tishta Express is a non-stop intercity train operated by Bangladesh Railways. 2900 class locomotives are used in this train.

The train used to run with green yellow old vacuum brake coaches but later the train ran with red green Indonesian air brake coach rackets. This train has a total of 16 coaches,

tista express train schedule dhaka to jamalpur, mymensingh

one dining compartment, one power car compartment, the train has a separate space for prayers between the dining compartments, and there is a dining compartment in the middle of the train.

The load of the train is 18/36. A passenger can carry 56 kg first class, 37.5 kg luxury class passenger, 28 kg and cheap second class passenger, 23 kg baggage free of charge.

Excess goods can be taken as baggage to his/her destination by customs duty. Major stations have separate counters for baggage booking. If a passenger wants to know the address of Tishta Express train

tista express train off day

and want to contact the train authority then the address and contact number is given below-Kamalapur Railway Station. Phone number: 9358634, 9331822, Mobile Number: 01711691612,

Airport Railway Station, Phone Number: 8924239, Website: railway.gov.bd. Tishta Express is a non-stop intercity train of Bangladesh operated by Bangladesh Railways.

It runs from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station to Jamalpur Dewanganj Bazar Railway Station. The average journey time of Tishta Express is 5 hours 18 minutes. The Tishta Express train runs

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six days a week and the only day off is Monday. This train is closed every Monday. For your information Tishta Express train schedule is published -Dhaka to Dewanganj departure time 7:30 minutes and arrival

time 12:40 minutes and Dewanganj to Dhaka departure time 15:00 minutes and arrival time 20:25 minutes. In Tishta Express train you will get all kinds of facilities. Here you will get designated place for namaaz,

first aid box with guard on duty, there are good toilet facilities but it is better not to use toilet while the train is stopped. There is a guide in each compartment to provide the necessary advice to the passengers

tista express train code, location, tracking

and to ensure the overall safety of the train. There are aluminum shutters on the side of the windows for the safety of the passengers. Some precautions have to be taken while traveling by train. For example –

Do not sit on the window of the train door, Do not climb on the roof of the train, Do not ride on the engine, Apply window dust while the train is running in densely populated or slum areas. 

The plush chair is comfortable and very conducive to a good ride. All ticket prices are given below- cheap 70 taka, luxury 90 taka, luxury chair 125 taka first seat 185 taka and all tickets are inclusive of 15% VAT.