Teletalk WhatsApp Pack 2024

Dear customer, how are you all? Today we have come up with an important article for you. As you know, Teletalk is the only state owned mobile operator / Teletalk customer in Bangladesh.

Those of you who are subscribers of Teletalk. How will they buy Teletalk package. I want to know that information. Today we are trying to inform you about the relevant information through this article.

Read from beginning to end. So how to activate different types of social media packs and WhatsApp packages? You will know that information.

Teletalk WhatsApp Pack 2024

So friends, let’s talk about this in more detail without further ado. I am passing the information of various social media packages of Teletalk in front of you.

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Teletalk has announced 1GB 27 Tk, which is valid for 7 days. 49GB for 1GB 30 days. 93 taka 2GB 30 days. 44 taka 3 GB, validity 3 days. 3GB 66 Tk, validity 10 days.

10 GB 97 Tk, valid for 10 days and 10 GB 97 Tk You can use any one of these packages if you want. We will also inform you.

Teletalk Bornomala Internet offer 2024

How to purchase Teletalk’s WhatsApp package. You can activate Teletalk 60 MB 9 Tk package. Which will be valid for three days. This offer can be activated by recharging 9 Tk or you can activate it by dialing * 111 * 501 # code.

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All that Teletalk Alphabet Package has to offer. I will give those offers in front of you. You know that Mujib is now 100 years old. Therefore, if you recharge 17 Tk on any Teletalk operator, you will get 2 GB internet.

15 days validity. You can take this pack twice at most. You can recharge 17 Tk. Alphabet also gets 23 taka 1GB for 7 days validity among other regular packages.

teletalk WhatsApp pack code

For this, you have to recharge 23 Tk. Or dial the code * 111 * 611 #. You will get 23 taka 1 GB internet package. Today we will try to give you the information of various social media packages of Teletalk through registration.

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Teletalk WhatsApp Pack Code 2024

I hope this article is going to be very informative for you. Those of you who want to know. Read the article carefully and find out.

You will get 46 taka 1 GB internet from Teletalk. Which will be valid for 30 days. You will get this offer by recharging 46 Tk.

how to get teletalk whatsapp package

By dialing * 111 * 46 # you can purchase 46 Tk 1 GB internet package. You can also buy 3GB and 5GB internet packages if you want.

Which will be valid for 10 days and also 10 GB internet. Only 198 Tk. The validity will be 15 days. You can purchase the internet package by dialing the code * 111 * 198 #.

Then, friends, I informed you of all the information through registration. If you want to know any more information. Let us know in the comments section of our website. We will try to tell you who they are.