Teletalk 4G SIM Replacement Offer, Active Code, Fee 2024

Teletalk is the only domestically owned mobile operator in Bangladesh. Fees for any government job application can be submitted through Teletalk. In addition, all the work related to college, university admission can be done with the help of Teletalk.

Teletalk is the only state-owned mobile operator in Bangladesh. Most of Bangladesh uses Teletalk SIM. As of August 2024, Teletalk is the fourth largest mobile phone operator in Bangladesh with 72 lakh subscribers.

There are many Teletalk subscribers who do not know the offers of Teletalk 4g SIM. Also many people do not know how to convert Teletalk SIM to 4g. 

teletalk 4g sim replacement fee 2024

All these issues have been discussed in detail in today’s post. So I think you will benefit from reading this post. Read the post carefully from beginning to end.

4G is the fourth generation broadband cellular network that provides us with high speed internet service. If you want to use 4G SIM, you must have 4G coverage area, the handset must be 4G supported.

Communication can be done from any part of Bangladesh. If you want to replace your used Teletalk SIM with 4g, read today’s post carefully.

teletalk 4g sim replacement offer 2024

Today’s post discusses in detail how you can convert Teletalk SIM to 4g. I hope you will be able to replace the Teletalk SIM by yourself after reading this post.

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Teletalk subscribers will get free internet if they convert their used Teletalk SIM to 4g. Teletalk 4g SIM also offers the lowest call rate.

If your Teletalk SIM is 3g, you can easily convert the SIM to 4g via SMS. For this you have to go to message option and type “4G”. Then you have to send the message to 111 number.

Teletalk SIM replacement online

To know if the SIM has been converted to 4g, type “CHK” in the message. Then you have to send a message to 157 number. Teletalk 4g SIM users get internet offer at lowest price. Thus Teletalk 4g SIM offers various 4g offers to the customers.

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1. You need to visit the website The Teletalk number that you want to replace in 4g should be set in the “Number” option.

2. Then you have to select the Upazila by clicking on the “Upazila Selection” option.

3. Then you have to select your Thana by clicking on the “Select Thana” option.

4. Finally click on the “4g Sim” option.

If you want, you can replace your used Teletalk SIM online at 4g. Teletalk subscribers will be able to convert to Teletalk SIM 4g via internet from home. The first thing to do when replacing online.

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Teletalk 4G SIM Replacement Offer 2024

teletalk lost sim replacement 2024

This way you will be able to replace your own Teletalk SIM. If you want, you can get the SIM with the help of home delivery. The delivery charge will be applicable for this.