Teknaf to Saint Martin Ship Ticket Price 2023 & Ticket Online Booking

A ship is one of the best places to visit to enjoy the beauty of the beach or to enjoy the beauty of Saint Martin Island. Many tourists from our country and outside the country come

here to enjoy the beauty of Saint Martin Island. And to go to St. Martin, everyone has to board St. Martin’s ship from Teknaf. The distance between Teknaf and Saint Martin is 32 km.

Many ships of various companies operate from Teknaf to Saint Martin. These ships include Carey Sindbad Ship, Carey Cruise and Dine Ship, LCT Kutubdia Ship,

Bay Cruiser One Ship, ST Sukant Babu Ship, Karnaphuli Express Ship etc. We have discussed the ticket price, schedule of all these ships in detail in this post today.

Many people are interested to know about Teknaf to Saint Martin ship tickets to travel on these ships that go from Teknaf to Saint Martin. So we have discussed this in this post.

Every ship that goes from Teknaf to Saint Martin has different ticket categories. For example, Keari Sindbad ship main deck ticket price is 850 taka,

open deck ticket price is 1000 taka and bridge deck ticket price is 1100 taka. Carey Cruise and Dine ship’s exclusive lounge ticket is priced at 1100 taka,

Coral Lounge ticket is 1300 taka and Pearl Lounge ticket is 1600 taka. You can travel from Teknaf to Saint Martin on these ships by choosing any seat ticket of your choice.

We have discussed in detail the schedules of the ships that go from Teknaf to Saint Martin. Various types of ships operate from Teknaf to Saint Martin. Among them, MV Bay Cruiser

One departed Teknaf for Saint Martin at 9:30 am. Again return to Teknaf from Saint Martin at 3:00 PM. Carey Sindbad departs from Teknaf to Saint Martin at 9:30 AM

and this ship also departs from Saint Martin to Teknaf at 3:00 PM, Carey Cross and Dine also departs from Teknaf to Saint Martin at 9:30 AM. Depart St. Martin again

for Teknaf at 3:00 PM. Apart from these ships, there are many other ships that take passengers to Saint Martin. We have discussed all those ships in detail in another post.

There are many travel enthusiasts who want to go to Saint Martin Island by boat. Tickets must be booked for the ships that are on St. Martin. Cannot travel on ships without ticket. And if you want to book tickets

for Saint Martin ships to travel to Saint Martin then you Visit this website From this website you can book any ship ticket of your choice and travel to Saint Martin.

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