Tanguar Haor Tour Package, Resort, Weather, Boat, Location

Are you interested to know about Tanguar Haor? If you are interested to know about Tanguar Haor then read our post. Today in our post we will discuss about Tanguar Haor.

Tanguar Haor is a very beautiful place to visit. Many people from different parts of the country go to Tanguar Haor to see Tanguar Haor and enjoy the beauty of Tanguar Haor.

The best time to visit Tanguar Haor is monsoon season. Because there is a lot of water in Tanguar Haor during monsoon. It looks very nice then. Besides, at other times the water of this haor dries up a lot.

tanguar haor tour package

Because of this Tanguar Haor doesn’t look that good. Tanguar Haor is home to many bird species. If you want to see the guest birds of Tanguar Haor then you can visit Tanguar Haor in winter.

Winter is the best time to visit Tanguar Haor’s guest birds. If you go to Tanguar Haor, besides Haor you can see Shaheed Siraj-Lake, Jadu Kata River, many small swamp forests.

There are also spectacular sunrises and sunsets. How many buses go to Tanguar Haor from different parts of our country. Tanguar Haor is located in Sunamganj.

sunamganj to tanguar haor distance

If you want to go to Tanguar Haor then you can go to Sunamganj by bus from Dhaka. The buses that go to Sunamganj from Dhaka are Mamun and Shyamoli Paribahan

and Ena Paribahan buses. The ticket price of these non AC buses is 650 to 750 taka per person. Also you can go to Sunamganj by local and sitting bus from Sylhet.

Many people want to know about Tanguar Haor boat rental to travel by boat in Tanguar Haor. So we discussed Tanguar Haor boat rental in our post today.

tanguar haor resort, weather, at night, boat

Boat fares generally depend on three factors. For example – on the capacity of the boat, facilities and season. If you want to go around by boat in Tanguar Haor,

you can usually go around for a day in a small boat for 1500 to 2000 taka, a medium boat for 2500 to 3500 taka and a big boat for 3500 to 6000 taka.

Also if you want to spend a night on a boat then you have to pay 3500 to 5000 taka for a small boat. And for big boats you have to pay 7000 to 10000 taka.

tanguar haor location, map

If you want to go from Sunamganj to Tanguar Haor then you have to go to Tahirpur by CNG or bike first. Then you can go to Tanguar Haor by hiring a boat from Tahirpur according to your ability.

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