Sundarban Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Tracking, Number, Code

In today’s post we will discuss about Sundarbon Express train. Sundarban Express train is a popular intercity train in Bangladesh, through which you can travel from Dhaka to Khulna.

The post is arranged with all the important information like Sundarban Express Train Break Station and Schedule, Sundarban Express Train Fare List and Sundarban Express Train Schedule.

Closing day. Hope this important information will help you in your trip. Sundarban Express is an intercity express train of Bangladesh Railways, connecting the capital Dhaka with the southwestern city of Khulna. 

Sundarban Express train Schedule Dhaka to Khulna

The Sundarban Express started its journey on 17 August 2003, covering a total distance of 449 kilometers or 279 miles. Sundarban Express takes about 8 to 10 hours from Dhaka to Khulna.

If you want to travel from Dhaka to Khulna by Sundarban Express train then your train will leave at 8:15 PM and after leaving Dhaka Sundarban Express train will reach Khulna at 5:40 PM.

On the other hand the train from Khulna to Dhaka will leave at 10:15 PM and this train will reach Khulna at 10:15 PM. It will reach Dhaka next day at 7:00 a.m. after leaving.

sundarban express ticket price

The train takes a break at several stations on its way. Following are the stations that Sundarban Express takes a break at from Dhaka to Khulna: Daulatpur 17:19, Jessore 16: 20,

Chuadanga 14:41, Bheramara 13:40, Ishwardi 13:00, Chatmohar 12:24, Jamoil 11:32, Joydevpur 09:12. As the Sundarban Express train is a luxurious and modern train, the ticket price of this train

has been set by Bangladesh Railway in four classes. You can travel by purchasing any class of ticket according to your ability. Bangladesh Railway Authority has fixed the ticket price inclusive of 15% VAT.

sundarban express train off day

Some of the ticket prices are discussed depending on the location and seat – Joydevpur Shobhan ticket price 35 taka, Shobhan chair ticket. Price 40 taka, first seat ticket price 80 taka,

AC seat ticket price 90 taka. Tangail Shovan ticket price 90 taka, Shovan chair ticket price 105 taka, First seat ticket price 140 taka, AC seat ticket price 175 taka.

Chatmohar Shovan ticket price 210 taka, Shovan chair ticket price 250 taka, First seat ticket price 335 taka, AC seat ticket price 405 taka. Khulna Shovan ticket price 390 taka, Shovan chair ticket price 456 taka,

sundarban express train tracking, number, code

First seat ticket price 620 taka, AC seat ticket price 775 taka. The Sundarban Express train runs six days a week and is closed one day in a week, and it is very important to know that day.

The train is closed on Wednesdays on the Dhaka to Khulna route and on the other hand on Thursdays on the Khulna to Dhaka route. This train has special facilities for passengers.

Since the train journey is usually very long and you will need food, Sundarban Express train has good provision of food you need.