Soudia Bus Counter Phone Number [Chittagong, Dhaka, Comilla]

You know that Soudia Paribahan takes great care in transportation services nowadays and will transport you from place to place with very careful and efficient drivers.

Today through this post we will discuss detailed information about Soudia Paribahan all over the country counter phone number rental list. Read the article carefully from beginning to end.

Saudia Paribahan Chittagong has counters in several places. You can know about the mobile number of these counters by visiting our website. So friends, let’s start the main discussion

and know the detailed information about it. Soudia Transport has a ticket counter at Gabtali Bus Stand. The bus company has opened a very good quality counter here to facilitate those

who will travel from Gabtali of Soudia Paribahan. Besides, you can contact us for various needs starting from online ticket booking and the phone contact number is 01919 65 4863.

Those who have traveled by Soudia Paribahan at different times from Dhaka Fakirapool area. They may know this counter. For those who do not know this counter till now

we have brought the mobile number of this counter 01919 654 858. You can reserve this number 01919 654 861 for traveling from Kalabagan counter. Dampara is the busiest area

and many people travel by Soudia Paribahan from here every day. For their convenience, we are now presenting you Dampara Ticket Counter Number 01919 6548 21.

There is another ticket counter at Soudia Paribahan in the area adjacent to Chittagong Navigate. I have presented the mobile number of this navigate counter.

You can get all the information by calling this number 1919 6548 32. There are three counters with Chittagong ornaments. We are giving you the mobile numbers of these

Soudia Bus Counter

three counters in stages. Chittagong Jewelry Counter 01919 654819, 01919 654825, 01919 654822. Hope friends have understood today’s article. Today we will discuss detailed information

about Soudia Paribahan bus ticket purchase and bus fare in this post. Those of you who wanted to know about this You can find out from our website. Barguna area has a high quality ticket counter

of Soudia Transport and takes national services from here. The mobile number of this ticket counter is 01919 654 775. Another very famous and modern

ticket counter of Soudia Transport is in Kwakata area and this ticket counter number is 01919 6548 77. So friends are no more today. I will discuss some other topic in the next post.