Silk City Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Code, Location

There are many passenger trains running in our country now. All these trains are Kishoreganj Express, Kurigram Express, Panchagarh Express, Jamalpur Express, Shimand Express,

Howrah Express, Sirajganj Express, Kalni Express, Dhumketu Express, Rangpur Express, Vijay Express, Sonar Bangla Express etc. Silk City Express is one of these passenger trains.

Today in our post we will discuss about Silk City Express Train. Those of you who are interested to know about Silk City Express train schedule, ticket price and holidays of this train should

silk city train schedule from rajshahi to dhaka

read our post carefully. If you read this post of ours from the beginning to the end with full attention then you will get to know all the details. Train travel has become very popular in our country now.

Because train travel is safe and comfortable. And that’s why many people choose train to travel from one end of the country to another. Many people are interested to know

about Silk City Express train to travel by train. And that is why we have discussed this train schedule in our post today. This train carries passengers from Dhaka to Rajshahi and from Rajshahi to Dhaka.

silk city express ticket price

What are the scheduled times of this train? During these times the train runs to and from Dhaka and Rajshahi. For example, this train leaves Dhaka for Rajshahi at 14:45

and reaches Rajshahi at 20:35. Again it leaves Rajshahi for Dhaka at 7:40 and reaches Dhaka at 13:30. This train takes a break at several other stations.

The stations are Airport, Joydevpur, Mirzapur, Tangail, Shahed M Mansoor Ali, Jamoil, Ullapara, Baral Bridge, Chatmohar, Ishwardi, Abdulpur.

silk city off day, Station

Silk City Express train has several types of tickets. We have discussed the different types of tickets of this train and the prices of all these tickets in our post.

Among the tickets available in Silk City Express train are Suman Chair price 340 taka, Snigdha ticket price 570 taka, AC seat price 680 taka and AC berth ticket price 1020 taka.

Apart from the Silk City Express train tickets, our website also discusses several other train ticket prices. If you read other posts on our website, you will know the ticket prices of other trains

silk city express train code, location

apart from Silk City Express train. Some Silk City Express trains are off. But many people don’t know when is the off day of this train.

So we have discussed Silk City Express train off days in this post. Off day of Silk City Express train is Sunday. The Silk City Express train takes a break on this day.

The train does not carry any passengers on this day. For more information about trains, check out other posts on our website. These have been discussed in detail there.