Shohagh Paribahan Contact Number [Dhaka, Malibagh, Khulna, Chittagong, Jatrabari, Jessore]

One of the most popular luxury bus service brands is Shohagh Paribahan. Shohagh Paribahan’s transport sector includes chair coach and Hyundai bus services. If you want to travel in luxury.

Then you can travel to Shohagh Paribahan. Today through this post we present to you Shohagh Paribahan counter number contact address list and view. So friends let’s start the discussion.

Shohagh Paribahan started its journey in 1973. Md Yunus Talukder was the initiator of this transport. He has a total of 4 children, Shohagh Paribahan was launched in the name of eldest son Shohagh.

As the founder of Antanagar Shohagh Paribahan died, Shohagh Paribahan was succeeded by his 4 sons. In 1987, Shohagh Paribahan was restarted by Farooq Talukder Sohail.

Contact address of Shohagh Paribahan I will discuss the details in front of you. Shohagh Paribahan has been providing services for a long time. Shohagh Paribahan organizes orientation courses with all staff.

Besides, there are trained drivers, well-educated guides and online ticketing system, Shohagh Paribahan is providing services to passengers in congested traffic through

its own bus terminal to reach their destination in compliance with all traffic laws. You can buy Shohagh Paribahan tickets online if you want. So we have mentioned before you

the medium or website to collect online tickets of Shohagh Paribahan. Tickets can be purchased from Shohagh Paribahan’s official website or

Dear friends, today we will discuss about Shohagh Paribahan contact number and counter address and roads in front of you through this post. This bus is running constantly.

Currently, more than 150 vehicles are plying on different roads of Bangladesh. Fare of Volvo Exclusive on Dhaka to Chittagong route is 950 taka Dhaka Cox’s Bazar Dhaka route

Balbo exclusive fare is 1525 taka, Dhaka Kolkata business class fare is 1520 taka and regular fare is 1320 taka. If we don’t get Shohagh Paribahan online tickets we can directly contact

the counter to book the tickets. That’s why this article is very important for many passengers who are interested in searching Shohagh Paribahan counter numbers online.

Shohagh Paribahan Contact Number

01926-699348 is the mobile number of Gabtali counter Shohagh Paribahan in Dhaka. Through today’s article, I will present to you Shohagh Paribahan various counter addresses and mobile numbers.

Jhautla Counter, Jhautla Main Road, Cox’s Bazar District City 01926-699255. Bagerhat Counter, Bagerhat Railgate, 0468-63236. Magura Counter, Magura Bus Stand, Phone: 01711933562.

Many times our Sohag for various reasons. The numbers of all the transport districts or different counters are required. We have arranged this article beautifully for those who need Shohagh Paribahan

different counter numbers of our nation. You will get Shohagh Paribahan various counter addresses and mobile numbers on our website from where you can book.