Sarah Resort Package, Room Price, Contact Number, Address, Food Menu

Currently, Sarah Resort is one of the resorts in our country. Do you want to know about Sarah Resort? If you want to know then read our post. Today in our post we will discuss about Sarah Resort.

If you read this post with full attention from the beginning to the end, then you will know various information about Sarah Resort such as the rent of this resort and the contact number of this resort.

Sarah Resort is located in Gazipur. Due to the beautiful natural environment in Gazipur, numerous small and big resorts have been built there. Sarah Resort is a very beautiful resort among all these resorts.

sarah resort room price

It is built in a natural environment on about 200 bighas of land. Sarah Resort is built in Rajbari, Gazipur. Being a beautiful resort, this resort has gained a lot of popularity in a very short period of time.

There are three restaurants in this resort. From these restaurants you can eat a lot of interesting food as you like. There are also bicycle riding, nine movie theaters,

swimming pool, mini zoo, VR games, six bungalows, Raja View Tower, water lodge, gym, boat riding, jacuzzi and much more. And for all these reasons this resort

Sarah Resort day long package

has come to be known as a very attractive travel destination. Also, you can organize any kind of picnic, anniversary, or birthday in this resort.

Sarah Resort is an ideal travel destination in a very attractive and natural environment, so many people want to spend time with their family, friends, relatives in this Sarah Resort.

And before coming to this resort, many people want to know about the rent of this resort. And to know all these things, they enter various websites online and search for the rent of this resort.

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So we have discussed all these issues in our post. If you want to stay in this resort then you have to spend 8500 to 66000 taka to stay according to the category.

The resort has several types of villas. Like Presidential King, Premium King, Superior King, Superior Twin, Deluxe King, Deluxe Twin. If you want,

you can choose any room from these rooms according to your choice. But you have to pay the room rent according to each room category. Sarah Resort is located in Gazipur. 

sarah resort gazipur contact number, address

As it is built in a very beautiful environment, many people from different parts of the country come to visit this resort. Many people want to contact

the contact number of this resort to visit this resort or to know more about this resort. And so we have published the contact number of Sarah Resort in our post today.

The contact number of this resort is +88019 8000 3000, Their full address is: Sarah Resort, Rajabari, Rajendrapur, Sreepur, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.